Penny + Grace Review March 2018

Penny + Grace’s March 2018 subscription box is literally the definition of delicate jewelry. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw what gorgeous jewelry I received. First off lets cover the bases. The Penny + Grace box (it actually comes in a really cute envelope not a box) is only $19.99 USD a month and contains three different pieces of jewelry that equal to at least $55 USD in value. When you create your profile you also can choose what colour metal you would like – gold, silver, or rose gold. You can even choose ‘surprise me’ if you’d like.

Now onto what’s inside. Each month you also receive a black Penny + Grace pouch with an adorable pin on it. This month it’s a tiny cup of lemonade, and it’s super cute. Next you’ll see a card that lists all three pieces of jewelry in the pouch and also how much each piece is worth.

This month the contents is a jewelry set necklace, earrings, and a ring! The collection is called ‘Petite Baguette’ and its common theme is a small clear rectangular stone.

Petite Baguette Stud Earrings – $22 USD

First up are these precious earrings: The Petite Baguette Stud Earrings in rose gold. They may be tiny studs, but I think they are such a perfect, elegant pair for everyday! Or if you can wear multiple earrings in one ear, then these would be a great addition to mix and match with other earrings as well!

Petite Baguette Necklace – $26 USD

I think this is my favourite piece in the collection. I love dainty necklaces and this Petite Baguette Necklace in rose gold is just simply stunning. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it! It’s perfect for wearing on its own or layering with your other favourite necklaces.

Petite Baguette Stacking Ring – $18 USD

I was really excited to see a ring was in this month’s box. I absolutely love rings and this one was no exception! This rose gold Petite Baguette Stacking Ring is lovely and great for pairing with any other rings you may like to wear.

Penny + Grace Review March 2018 – Final Thoughts

This box is seriously perfect when it comes to delicate, gorgeous jewelry. I just love how elegant this collection was, but also how wearable it is for everyday. I’m super excited to see what April’s box will bring!

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