Penny + Grace Review September 2017

Feeling drab? Join the Penny + Grace Jewelry Club and they’ll refresh your style, each and every month. For $19.99 they’ll send you a trio (3) of their hottest, trendiest jewelry picks. Share your new accessories with friends, or keep them all to yourself! All items are yours to keep, and every order has a guaranteed retail value of $45.00+….They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details
  • PICK YOUR THEME – Personalize your subscription and make it yours. Choose between our Silver, 18k Yellow Gold, and 18k Rose Gold themes – Keep it the same, or mix it up!
  • SET YOUR PREFERENCES – Let them know if you would like to receive earrings in your box or if you would prefer not to.
  • SUBSCRIBE – You will automatically be signed up for a monthly recurring subscription, as of right now it appears as though they don’t have options for longer subscriptions.
Good To Know
  • Penny + Grace ships to US and Canada for FREE
  • You can skip a month or cancel at any time
  • Shipping within the US takes between 3 – 5, Shipping within Canada takes between 1 – 7 business days

AYOB has been reviewing Penny + Grace for a couple months now, but this is the first time I have gotten my hands on it and I have to say, I don’t plan on letting go any time soon!  I can’t wait to show you the September collection for Penny + Grace, as this is right up my alley!  Can we start off by acknowledging how adorable the enamel bicycle pin is?!

Bicycle Earrings

Ahh!  So cute!  I use to be a statement earrings person, but lately I’ve been gravitating to less is more.  What I love about these is from far away they are just enough to give off a bit of sheen, but up close they just happen to be the most adorable bicycle earrings I’ve ever seen!

“Hello” Necklace

I thought maybe the bicycle theme would carry throughout the whole bag, but I’m thrilled to see this little “Hello” necklace!  It’s just too cute for words.  I wear, everyday without fail, a gold chain with a small gold pendant attached, so this little necklace is really calling my name!  Pun intended?  I’m not sure there.

Camera Necklance

Another win!  I love this one twice as much, as photography is one of my loves!  All three of these little items will be finding a permanent place on my jewelry perch!

Penny + Grace September 2017 Final Thoughts

Wow!  Simple, yet perfection.  I have seen a lot of jewelry subscriptions, but this outweighs them all as far as my personal taste is concerned.  I think it would have been pretty epic if there was a little bicycle necklace to match the earrings, but as it stands I love having three unique pieces.  I don’t often talk about cost vs. value, but I feel like this can’t be ignored with Penny + Grace.  The value is so fantastic!  I have a small boutique by my house I like to browse every now and again and I could not purchase one of these for the cost of this whole subscription there.  Even if you don’t like all the items each of these make a perfect gift, and I love giving gifts!!  I would purchase this subscription for a birthday/Christmas present stock alone!


Penny + Grace

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