Penny + Grace Review September 2020

Penny + Grace is a monthly jewelry subscription. For $24.99 they’ll send you a trio (3) of their hottest, trendiest jewelry picks. Share your new accessories with friends, or keep them all to yourself! All items are yours to keep, and every order has a guaranteed retail value of $55.00+. They kindly sent us this box for review.

I have to tell you….I have been wearing my Penny + Grace jewelry a ton as of late. I am really loving the simple styles, especially the earrings. I love that the collections are slightly understated, minimal in size, and perfect for everyday wear.

Subscription Details

Penny + Grace subscriptions are available in 18k Yellow Gold, Silver, + 18k Rose Gold options. Your color preference can be changed at any time throughout the life of your subscription within your account portal.

Each monthly order comes neatly packed in a convenient signature faux leather clutch.

Fear of commitment? No problem, you can skip or cancel your deliveries at any time.

All jewelry is 100% Lead and Nickel Free – Perfect for those with sensitive skin.

As mentioned above, each monthly order comes neatly packed in a convenient signature faux leather clutch. This month we received beige.

Here’s a closer look at the pieces I received in my September Penny + Grace package…..


When I first pulled this ring out of the package I was worried that it would be a little too thin and a little too simple, but after trying it on I realized that it is actually pretty perfect. It’s great for everyday wear and I am loving it in silver.


Penny + Grace earrings are my favorite and the September set is no exception. I love that they are just a tad bigger than your typical stud and the thin triangle shape gives them a slightly edgy vibe.


To bring everything together we have this awesome necklace with a long triangle/spike pendant. I am absolutely loving it in silver and I am also really loving the length. It’s shorter than most necklaces I have seen/received with a similar style pendant, making it unique and different.

Penny + Grace Review September 2020 – Final Thoughts

The September Penny + Grace collection is fun and unique. I love the edgy vibe that comes from the thin triangle designs. It makes for a great addition to my jewelry collection as most of the items I have right now are a little more feminine and soft. Once again I am very happy with the style choices and can’t get over the fact that we receive a beautiful set (trio) of jewelry for only $24.99 per month!

-AYOB Sarah

Penny + Grace

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