Pipsticks Kids Sticker Club Review June 2020

Pipsticks is a monthly five-star subscription for sticker lovers of all ages! Pipstickers are the hottest new stickers on the market and each month they unveil a new collection of designs to thousands of subscribers across the world! Pipsticks offer subscriptions for both kids and adults because stickers aren’t just for kids!

What You Get: Pipsticks subscribers will receive a sparkly pack with a reusable holographic storage pouch, an issue of Pippy (a zine for sticker lovers), +7 sheets (depending on subscription) of the dreamiest stickers you can imagine, and other paper goodies. Pipsticks subscribers also receive a 5% discount to the online shop, a ticket to the subscriber raffle, exclusive coupons, and printables. You’ll also get access to their VIP Sticker Club Facebook group where you can connect with other sticker lovers, get DIY and craft ideas, weigh-in on Pipstickers that are being designed, and swap stickers for your collection!

Get over $45 of stickers for $17.95 with their Pipsticks Classic pack, or choose their Petite pack for $11.95! They also offer printables subscriptions for kids, pros, and planners.

The stickers are different between the two packs and are curated specifically to the target age-groups.

All Sticker Packs ship worldwide from San Luis Obispo, CA starting at $2 US

*They kindly sent us this Kids Sticker Club Classic Subscription Pack to review*

I was so excited to review Pipsticks for the first time last month as I have always been a little sticker-obsessed. Last month I reviewed the May 2020 Pipsticks Pro Sticker Club Classic pack. You can see my review HERE. This month I am so excited to review and share their June Kids Sticker Club Classic Subscription Pack.

My Kids Pipticks pack was delivered in a mesmerizing yellow holographic envelope with “Today just got awesome!” written in big letters on one side, and my mailing address on the other. Also, their hashtag #PIPSTICKS was written underneath, most likely placed as a reminder to tag any photos you take or to connect with other Pipstickers subscribers.

First, I found an issue of Little Pippy (Your Guide to Stickerland).

June Sticker Club

First we see a “June Sticker Club Meeting Agenda” with some suggestions on what you can do with your stickers when meeting up with friends. Also, there’s a letter from the founder, Mo. Here’s an excerpt: “Happy June! All year, we keep a huge box of recycled items – empty milk cartons, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, bottle caps – and whenever we have time, we dig into it to make stuff. Armed with tape, a glue gun, and paint, the kids make robots, car jumps, superhero costumes, and sculptures. It’s a great design challenge and it’s so fun to give these items another life before we recycle them. This month, use your stickers to decorate up-cycled items. Put them on an empty can or jar to make a vase! Wrap a gift in old newspapers, magazines, or junk mail and sticker-bomb the top! Be sure to tag your pics #pipsticks so we can see what you do!”

Each month Pipsticks sends out one pink ticket and two silver tickets in randomly-chosen Kids Sticker Packs! If subscribers receive any of those tickets, they win the listed prizes.

Coloring Contest

“Fill-in your postcard, snap a pic and email it to us at hello@pipsticks.com”

We must be getting a postcard in this pack as they invite you to color it and send in a photo with your name and age. There’s also a fun maze, some jokes and a milk carton to color!

Happy Earth Sticker Map

“There are lots of ways to help make a happy earth! Put a sticker on your map each time you do something awesome below…”

I love how there are some great ways listed to help make our earth healthier and happier. It’s a neat way to engage kids to get involved and thinking about our lovely planet.

“Use the symbol key below to write the correct letter to each line and decode the secret message!”

Now on to the most fun part – stickers! The stickers arrive in a fancy, resealable, reusable holographic storage pouch and the theme for June’s Pipsticks Kids Pack is “Outdoor Vibes.

“Subscribers will feel all the outdoor vibes with these Kids Club stickers… From sea turtles to giant neon mermaids, a bee party, and an oversized big puffy bus, these stickers are so. much. fun.”

Big Puffy Vintage Bus

Guys, this Big Puffy Vintage Bus is sooo awesome! (It looks like a vintage Volkswagen bus!) I love the color, happy face and vintage vibes. I have not decided where I will stick it yet but I was so excited to receive it.

Postcard & Apple Of My Eye Scratch n’ Sniff

This month’s paper goodie is a postcard! When’s the last time you smelled a scratch n’ sniff sticker? Mmm, these ones totally smell like apples and the neon pinky-orange against the green looks awesome. Also, the worms and butterflies are so cute – way cuter than the ones I have been seeing in my yard after a rainstorm.

We Shell Swin & Tree Huggers

Turtles are my absolute favourite sea creature! I love the mandala-esque designs on their shells and the little babies. These tree huggers are so cute and I appreciate all their small details. It’s a hint hard to see but I like the green sparkle accents and the little woodsperson with the beard most. These stickers both lean towards a “save the earth” theme as we are transitioning to paper straws to save the turtles and tree huggers are usually environmentalists.

I’ve Bin Recycled & Mother Earth Minis

Funny side-note: I have two dumpsters for garbage and two dumpsters for recycle fifty feet from my front door. It drives my partner nuts, but I need and love to recycle! I’ve noted that a theme I am seeing through this pack is loving and taking care of our earth – recycling is one way to do that!

Cloud Nine & Underground Ant-ics

These clouds are the cutest and are a nice representation of the sunset colours we see here in Alberta. I usually dislike both ants and worms, but these guys are so cute.

The Leaf Life & Diving Belles

Over the last few months I got really into plants and these stickers made me happy as they remind me of my green beauties, especially the monster leaf! The leaves are so gorgeous and the ladybugs are sweet. I am obsessed with the flowers and floral crowns that these sea turtles (and my partner thinks manatees?!) have rosy cheeks and rolly tummies.

Recycled Robots, Ladybug Minis & Rainforest Ribbons

Guys, these “recycled robots” are encouraging Pipsticks subscribers to upcycle different items that you might recycle, into something new! Haha, I love the pizza and donut box robots with their body parts made of egg cartons, milk cartons, aluminum cans, coffee cups and toilet paper rolls. These neon ladybug minis would be an adorable way to decorate cards, personal notes or a child’s art work. The rainforest ribbons would be a nice border and I love their rainforest theme of tropical leaves, flowers and parrots.

Darling Mermaids & Happy Bee-Day

Who hasn’t wanted to be a mermaid at some point in their lives? These mermaid stickers have the best color palette with teal, purple and a neon orange/coral and it reminds me of a fantastic outfit I wore to the first day of kindergarten in the early 90’s. The flowers in their hair and shells are great special details. These happy bees would make a lovely addition to a homemade birthday card. I know how wonderful bees are for our earth so they should be celebrated!

Pipsticks Kids Sticker Club Review June 2020

This Outdoors Vibes themed June Pipsticks Kids Subscription contained fifteen sheets of unique and high-quality stickers (including one awesome puffy sticker) as well as a zine with activities and a postcard. If you were to price out each sheet individually on the Pipsticks website you would be paying far more than the low monthly subscription fee. I love that all the stickers lean towards the message of loving and taking care of our earth. My favorites this month are the mermaids, the leaves and ladybugs, and the upcycled robots. I am still in awe of the high-quality, well-designed, and colorful stickers I received and cannot wait to give them to friends (young and old), upcycle, send snail-mail and craft with them. This is the perfect subscription for any-aged sticker lover in your life and I sure know that myself, partner and son were excited to receive and review this pack!

Hayley Savanna – https://www.instagram.com/hayleysavanna/


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