Postmark’d Studio Review February 2019

Postmark’d Studio is a premium stationery subscription box for the snail-mail enthusiast delivered to your door monthly. Every month you will receive a postmark’d card, pencil, USPS stamps, artsy doodads, 4 additional cards, and an informative card. Sometimes they even like to surprise you with some fun bonuses! The PostBox 1-month subscription is $25.00 + $5.00 shipping in the US. Shipping to Canada is also available for $11.00/month and international shipping is $17.00/month. Postmark’d Studio also has 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions which each have amazing savings on the price.

Opening up your Postmark’d Studio box, you’ll find a personalized card with a fun note inside. This month Anne, the owner of Postmark’d, put in a sweet Valentine’s Day card that says “I’m donuts about you!” which gives you the first clue for the theme of the box! Can you guess what it is?

February Theme

You guessed it! This month’s theme is ‘Donut Forget to Write’. With tons of donut themed products inside, your loved ones are sure to feel the love this month.


As always, Postmark’d Studio included a variety of vintage postage to ship out your snail mail to friends and family. They make it easy and convenient for you to mail out letters and cards by providing everything you’ll need, down to the envelopes. These adorable vintage postage stickers add a unique touch to your mail which I’m sure the receiver will appreciate.

Greeting Cards

This month’s box included four super adorable donut themed cards with catchy puns written in the front that say things like, “Donut worry, be happy!” and “I donut know what I’d do without you!” Invite a friend for coffee and donuts or just let someone know you’re thinking of them this month with one of these fun little cards. The designs and artwork on these cards are really great! They fit perfectly with the donut theme for the month and really set the tone for the rest of the box.


Along with the folded cards, Postmark’d Studio included two postcards to write a quick greeting on and toss in the mail. One has the tastiest looking donuts pictured and the other is their signature postcard with the company name printed on sturdy postcard paper. These are perfect for a quick “thinking of you” note.

Gel Pen (7 Pack)

My favorite product from this box was definitely these 0.5mm point pens in different colors. I am a pen collector so the obsession is real with this set. These pens feature a clear outside making it easy to see when they are running low on ink. These gel pens have a very fine point and make letter writing smooth and easy. Not to mention the great color selection to chose from as well!

Donut Washi Tape

No letter is complete until it’s sealed. Whether it’s by licking the envelope closed, slapping a sticker on the back, or maybe just adding some themed washi tape to close it off. This donut rolled washi tape can be used for a variety of things such as, decorating a letter or maybe even taping a photo into a card.

Postmark’d Pencil

Last up is a pencil in a nice dark blue color. It came unsharpened with Postmark’d Studio stamped on one side. I love all of the themed products from the box but I also really adore these small signature items they include every month.

Postmark’d Studio Review February 2019 – Final Thoughts

It is always a delight to review Postmark’d Studio. The contents are so beautifully curated to tie into the theme of the month and February had one of the cutest themes! I like the variety of products inside, making it easy to start a small collection of writing supplies because you never know when you may need to or want to send out a card! Everything included is well worth the price of the box and more. It is one of the only stationery subscription boxes that really makes a great impression all around. The coordinating colors, fun themes, amazing quality of products, and wide selection of products makes this box one of my all time favorites.

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