Postmark’d Studio Review January 2022

Postmark’d Studio is a premium stationery subscription box for the snail mail enthusiast delivered to your door every month! Each PostBox subscription comes with a monthly, limited-edition selection of beautiful handcrafted artisanal greeting cards and postcards crafted by artists around the globe.

*They kindly sent us this box for review*

I absolutely love to review Postmark’d Studio as it is one of the best stationery subscriptions on the market! I love sending snail mail, getting crafty and giving thoughtful cards to friends, family and those who have touched my life.

My Postmark’d Studio PostBox arrived in a white mailer envelope with everything bound and packaged beautifully inside.

Anne (the owner) always includes a handmade card with a personal note – I feel so special every time I receive it. I love this month’s quote, ““If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are too heated, it will cool you; If you are depressed, it will cheer you; If you are excited, it will calm you.”― William Ewart Gladstone.” I would have to agree, tea often can comfort and calm, cheer and arm you up.

Subscription Details

Here’s How It Works…..

Subscribe to a PostBox for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.

Postmark’d Studio will turn every stone and pick the best of the best handcrafted artisanal paper and gift products to include in your monthly delivery.

Postmark’d Studio packs and ships a surprise themed box to your door every month.

Here’s a closer look at the January 2022 Postmark’d Studio PostBox…

Postmark’d Studio January “TEA-rrific” PostBox Edition 5.8

“Hello 2022! Let’s get this par-TEA started! The possibility-TEAS are endless! Let’s set a loft-TEA goal and make 2022 the year of letters, grab a pen, some gorgeous stationery, and of course a cup of TEA and send lots of to-TEA-ly awesome snail mail. See you at the mailbox! -Anne”

Each Postmark’d Studio PostBox is so well-curated to fit a monthly theme and I am excited to see what to-TEA-ly exciting TEA items Anne has included for this month’s PostBox. Tea is a staple in our house as it fits many occasions.

Koala-TEA Card

“The creative pun work of Moot Paperie located in Pasadena, CA never ceases to amaze me! The sister duo of Alice and Doris are so imaginative, delightful, and firmly believe in aiding and abetting others to steal hearts through their loot of cheeky, colorful musings.”

This card is so sweet! I love that it is punny and incorporates a few! The koalas are soo cute and this card will be perfect to send to someone you miss and can’t wait to see. The envelope color is also stunning and deserves a mention.

Hot-TEA Card

“Smudge Ink is a small band of illustrators, printers, and wordsmiths brought together by an inexplicable devotion to snail mail. Led by owner April May, they create lighthearted, punchy letterpress greeting cards with a knack for making you grin. All their products are created in house in their studio in Acton, MA. They love that what they do helps others connect, celebrate, and have fun! Truth Paper based in Lincoln, NE, is the work of Lindsay Griepenstroh.”

The colors on this card are beautiful and really compliment each other. I think this card would be sure to brighten someone’s day. I am going to gift it to a friend who needs some cheering up.

Brewtiful Birthday Card

“Years after graduating with a degree in graphic design, she found letterpress printing and was hooked. It combined her love of paper, craftsmanship and design into one beautiful package. She started with a little tabletop press in her laundry room and, 3 years in, has graduated to a 12×18 floor press. She loves the process of designing and printing for letterpress. It is a process where there is always learning and perfecting, but it’s always worth it to get to the beautiful, finished product.”

How fun is this birthday card?! It will be the perfect gift to give a tea or coffee lover in my life! I love the ‘brewtiful’ pun on beautiful.

I Thought of You Card

“Idea Chic is owned and created by David and Julie Sandusky in Glendale, CO. Their cards are letterpressed on a 1930’s Chandler and Price press fondly known as “Hazel”. Julie and David fell in love through a year of letters. That year was an indication of things to come. Their commitment across thousands of miles would ultimately mature into marriage. And as it turns out letters, or more precisely stationery, would also play a pivotal role in their life together.”

I absolu-TEA love this card! The simple design will brighten someone’s day. I imagine writing in this card on a cold, rainy day while sipping on my favorite hot beverage.

My Cup of Tea Postcard

“ANCORA Letterpress is a small boutique shop, located in Woodinville, WA Debra Barclay has an incredible passion for paper, ink, and the process of putting those two together.”

This is a beautiful postcard with a sweet message. I know just the person I will send it to.

Edith Grey Tea for Two Sampler

“This is a more feminine, more romantic version of a traditional Earl Grey. Made with single-origin Malaw black tea, infused with bergomot oil, and blended with rose petals. Super dreamy. Ingredients. single-origin Malawi black tea, rose, bergamot Big Heart Tea Co is a Midwest based; woman owned ceo company on a covert mission to make people feel good through healing herbs. They are scrappy spice millers, herb blenders, tea crofters, chai brewers and magic makers.”

I love that Anne included tea this month! I tried a cup last night and it was fantastic.


“Vintage US postage to mail (4) letters.”

The postage this month is vintage and funky. Subscribers always receive enough postage to mail the cards in their monthly postbox.

Postmark’d Studio Review January 2022 – Final Thoughts

The January Postmark’d Studio PostBox is so well-curated and it fits the “TEA-rrific” theme perfectly! All of the items are beautiful, high-quality and unique, and will be so fun to send or receive in the mail. I think my favorite items are the Koala-Tea and Hot-Tea cards. As always, all of the items are awesome! Postmark’d Studio is a subscription that will keep you supplied with amazing and original greeting cards for every occasion. It’s the perfect box for stationery lovers and snail mail enthusiasts. Signed sealed delivered…

Hayley Savanna –

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