Postmark’d Studio Review November 2019

Postmark’d Studio is the heart-filled snail mail subscription box you’ve been needing in your life. With this premium stationary subscription you’ll receive a selection of beautifully handcrafted limited-edition greeting cards, vintage postage, and an artsy doodad based on a fun theme. Never find yourself without the perfect greeting card, they’ve got you covered! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

There are four different options to choose from when you sign up for your Postmark’d Studio subscription.

PostBox: 1 Month – $25.00
Post Box: 3 Month – $67.50
PostBox: 6 Month – $127.50
PostBox: 12 Month – $240.00

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Here’s a closer look at the November “No Place Like Home” PostBox…

Theme – No Place Like Home

“As we head into the holiday season the yearn for bringing together friends and family and the memories of “home” is stronger than ever. Sometimes the miles and distance or life itself make it impossible to reunite. But thought the power of snail mail you can create a feeling of togetherness filled with love and care…”

Ruby Slipper

“On a June afternoon over coffee, I excitedly explained my concept idea to Carl and Catherine, the husband and wife duo behind Catherine Greenup Visuals, located in Cambria, CA. Summer came and went, and we all got busy. I wasn’t sure we were going to make this happen, but late September we reconnected and the idea came to life! The slipper is designed after the actual shoe that Judy Garland wore in the Wizard of Oz movie. And of course, it didn’t seem complete without a little gingham, hence the envelope liner!”

How stinking cute! I remember wishing I had a pair of Dorothy’s ruby slippers each time I watched the Wizard of Oz. Being 13 hours away from home, I often get that same feeling that there’s just no place like home.

Next to You

“It is so fun to bring back an old friend! I began including Violet Press cards in some of our first boxes back in 2017! I have always loved the retro letterpress style of her cards. Vi (rhymes with sky!) is the owner and designer behind Violet Press. She fell head over heels in love with letterpress printing, left her corporate attorney job in 2015 to pursue her passion for design and printing and hasn’t looked back since.”

I’m a huge fan of this card! Not only do I love the sweet message behind this card, but I absolutely love the color scheme and the texture you can feel on this card.

Home Hearth

“This card is so true! It doesn’t matter how big your abode is, where does everyone end up? In the kitchen! Gotamago, located in Toronto, Canada, was founded by designer Lichia Liu. At Gotamago, they are letter-writers and storytellers. Their products reflect their belief in (and the power of) correspondence, the kind that comes directly from the hand to the heart. I love that each of their hand-drawn creations have a feeling of being perfectly imperfect.”

Boy, does this card make me miss home! I love this unique little design and all of its imperfectly perfect details.

No Place Like Home

“Colby Beck is the designer and printer behind Post Rider Press located in Los Angeles, CA. She began her career in fashion before crossing over to the stationary world. While working as a menswear designer in New York, she had an opportunity to apprentice with a letterpress printer and it was love at first print run. She brought a press, left New York and Post Rider Press was born!”

This is my favorite card from this month’s box because it is so true. Nothing beats spending the holidays at home with your family. You don’t realize how special those moments are until life happens and leaves you away for the holidays. Those situations make holiday gatherings so much more meaningful.

Hello from…

“A set of 5 postcards from Lantern Press created just for Postmark’d Studio. I have included some little dot stickers so you can drop a quick “hello” from wherever home may be!”

Artsy Doodad – Red Glitter Washi Tape

“Glitter washi tape that does not flake off when touched, This month’s washi tape is excellent for cards and gifts.”


“A collection of red vintage US postage stamps to mail 4 letters.”

I love seeing the stamps that arrive with each monthly Postmark’d Studio PostBox, and this month’s vintage stamps are all RED!

Bonus Card – Hate Has No Home

“Send a smile. I just couldn’t resist this card! I love every sweet detail from the mouse to the pup wearing the bandana. La Familia Green, located in Chicago, IL, is the work of Mollie Green. Mollie is a Midwest transplant originally from Texas. La Familia Green is an eco-friendly company that donates a percentage of every sale of her cards to Chicago-area animal charities.”

How perfect! This bonus card is the perfect way to round out this month’s “No Place Like Home” themed stationery goodies.

Postmark’d Studio Review November 2019 – Final Thoughts

This month’s Postmark’d Studio gets me right in the feels because I certainly miss being home. I am excited to send these cards back home to let my loved ones know just how much they’re loved. “Life takes you to unexpected places, love brings you HOME.”

Kierra Pierre – Miss Reviews A Lot

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