Practical Magic Box Review April 2022

Practical Magic Box aims to help you explore different areas of magic, meditation, and holistic health. Our daily lifestyles can be enhanced with practical spells using natural elements. They kindly sent me this box for review.

Practical Magic Box is one of my favourite discoveries for 2022 (so far). I am in love with this subscription and have really been enjoying my monthly deliveries. It’s just so beautiful, so thoughtful, and SO perfect for anyone interested in meditation, holistic health, etc…..

Subscription Details

The Practical Magic Box will focus on strengthening your own magic. New topic each month. The Practical Magic Box comes with instructions on how to practice your magic.

  • Examples of what MIGHT be in the box: Sage Bundle, herbal remedies, crystals, tea, ceramics, journal/notebook, candles, jewelry, tinctures, natural beauty products, spoken magic, incense, essential oils, oracle cards.

Here’s a closer look at the April 2022 Practical Magic Box….

Lavender Rose Quartz ($4 Value): Purple and pink in color, this stone supports opening your third eye. It can undo mental blocks and open channels for clairvoyance.

Inquire Within Deck ($48 Value): Here we have 53 hand illustrated cards to inspire inner wisdom, growth and connectedness. Each card has a meaningful phrase, reminder, word or prompt to help bring guidance and comfort to everyday life. The deck itself is absolutely beautiful and I love, love, love how easy it is to use.

I decided to test it out while writing this review and the card I pulled simply said “rest”. Extremely insightful and appropriate because I know that my mind and body have been trying to tell me to slow down and rest the last little while.

Sage & Cedar Bundle ($4 Value): This month we received a sage bundle which is absolutely perfect. I’ve been wanting to sage my office so it arrived at the perfect time. It says that the energy from this sage bundle is nurturing and comforting. It will cleanse negativity.

Spell Jars, Floral Cloth & Candle ($12 Value): These three beautiful items are to be used for our monthly spell. We are to lay out the floral cloth, place the quartz, card deck, sage and spell jars on top. Light the candle, light the sage bundle, do a simple cleanse then extinguish the smoke.

The card goes on to tell us the rest of the spell which will infuse the candle with energetic blessing and will radiate throughout your home each time you burn the candle.

Practical Magic Box Review April 2022 – Final Thoughts

The April Practical Magic Box is absolutely beautiful! I am SO in love with the Inquire Within Deck as I have been meaning to find something similar. This one is so much more beautiful than any card decks I have seen to date, I will be using it often, maybe even daily. I also love the gorgeous sage bundle as I have been wanting to cleanse negative energy from our new home, my office, etc….. Practical Magic Box is a beautiful subscription from a beautiful company. It’s one I would highly recommend.

-AYOB Sarah

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