Practical Magic Box Review July 2022

Practical Magic Box aims to help you explore different areas of magic, meditation, and holistic health. Our daily lifestyles can be enhanced with practical spells using natural elements. They kindly sent me this box for review.

Last month’s Practical Magic Box was absolutely wonderful. I loved the theme and loved all the products we received. But I am thinking that I love this month’s box just as much. I think they are on a roll……

Subscription Details

The Practical Magic Box will focus on strengthening your own magic. New topic each month. The Practical Magic Box comes with instructions on how to practice your magic.

  • Examples of what MIGHT be in the box: Sage Bundle, herbal remedies, crystals, tea, ceramics, journal/notebook, candles, jewelry, tinctures, natural beauty products, spoken magic, incense, essential oils, oracle cards.

Here’s a closer look at the July 2022 Practical Magic Box….

The theme for the July Practical Magic Box is Grounding Magic!

Botanical Soap – Charcoal & Bentonite Clay ($8 Value): This beautiful soap can be used to draw out toxins and is made with tea tree and bergamot essential oils. It is made with earth elements to promote grounding energy and restore balance.

Eucalyptus Sage Bundle ($5 Value): I have been using my Practical Magic Box sage bundles on a regular basis. In fact, I have one sitting on my desk beside me as we speak. But…..this one is definitely a fave. I am always blown away by how beautiful the bundles are. We are to burn this bundle in the morning as we wake up, it will help set the tone for the day.

Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Repellent ($10 Value): Yup! Loving this product already and I haven’t even tested it yet. Steven and I spend a ton of time outside and I hate bugs….lol.

Natural Repellent Incense Cones ($12 Value): And….I am loving this product as well. It has 36 incense cones and it even has a ceramic burning dish! How great is that! I will be using these on our back deck for the rest of the summer!

Healing Magic of Forest Bathing – Book ($17 Value): YES!!! I am in love with this book. Not only is it beautiful, but Forest Bathing is something I have always wanted to learn more about. I will 100% be reading this…..probably a few times over.

Smoky Quartz Crystal- ($8 Value): Our stone for the month is this beautiful Quartz Crystal. It is a grounding and anchoring stone with a strong link to the earth and base chakra. They say to take it with us as we hike and/or spend time outdoors.

Practical Magic Box Review July 2022 – Final Thoughts

I fall in love with this subscription more and more with each passing month. I absolutely love my Practical Magic Box deliveries and the July box is no exception. They chose a wonderful theme and the products match it perfectly! They also included a few grounding spells for us, simple things that we can incorporate into our lives easily…….like this one….

  • Stand barefoot and walk in a natural landscape. If you are tired, feel new energy lift into your body as you walk. If you feel too hectic and can’t calm the body, then give the energy back to the earth.

I love that the spells (and products) are simple, natural and easy to incorporate into daily life. I am in love with this subscription!

-AYOB Sarah

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