Practical Magic Box Review March 2022

Practical Magic Box aims to help you explore different areas of magic, meditation, and holistic health. Our daily lifestyles can be enhanced with practical spells using natural elements. They kindly sent me this box for review.

I had the pleasure of reviewing Practical Magic Box for the first time last month and I absolutely LOVED my first box! This is such a beautiful subscription and it fits my lifestyle perfectly. It gives me all the positive, spiritual, happy vibes!

Subscription Details

The Practical Magic Box will focus on strengthening your own magic. New topic each month. The Practical Magic Box comes with instructions on how to practice your magic.

  • Examples of what MIGHT be in the box: Sage Bundle, herbal remedies, crystals, tea, ceramics, journal/notebook, candles, jewelry, tinctures, natural beauty products, spoken magic, incense, essential oils, oracle cards.

Here’s a closer look at the March 2022 Practical Magic Box….


Good sleep is the foundation for good health and happier state of mind.

I am especially excited about this month’s box because sleep is extremely important to me and it’s something I am currently struggling with. I have such a busy schedule with little Steven, running a business, getting settled into a new home, etc….and I can really only fit in 6 hours of sleep each night. So…..I really need those 6 hours to be as restful and peaceful as possible. Let’s hope this month’s Practical Magic Box can provide me with the tools I need:)

Palo Santo & Kyanite Stone ($12 Value)

Create a sleep oasis in the bedroom. Burn the Palo Santo to set a peaceful and quiet mood for the evening. Kyanite stone facilitates dream recall and promotes healing dreams. Kyanite also encourages speaking one’s truth. Meditate with this stone while preparing for sleep.

First of all……how gorgeous is this smudge stick?! I absolutely cannot wait to use it. I love the idea of burning it in the evening prior to bed. I will get myself a beautiful little tray to lay it on afterwards and place it on my bedside table.


Golden Milk ($8 Value)

This warming bedtime beverage has been used for centuries to promote more restful sleep. Drink with awareness. Golden milk spice blend contains amino acids and minerals improving sleep. It is rich in immune boosting antioxidants, helps to fight illness and infection, contains anti-inflammatory properties, improves brain function, heart health, and gut health. Magic for bedtime in a cup!

I am so excited for this next product. I only recently started drinking warm beverages before bed. I used to have a Bubly and popcorn but have decided I need something more peaceful and comforting. You simply place 1 tsp in 1 cup of milk, heat and stir. This will be my new nighttime ritual after I put Steven to bed.

Magnesium Oil Spray ($18 Value)

This spray will help calm your body and senses to provide a restful night’s sleep. Magnesium promotes relaxation in the body and mind. It quiets the nervous system and regulates the sleep-wake cycles in your body. Magnesium can soothe restless muscles. 

I have heard good things about Magnesium Spray and have always wanted to try it. They say to use as part of your bedtime routine. You simply apply 3-5 sprays on your neck, feet or legs. You then massage into skin. And, they say for best results to shower or wash skin beforehand. I’m thinking it would be the perfect combo with an evening bath.

The Qi Chrysanthemum Tea Flower ($3.5 Value)

For this product we received a Whole Flower Infusion Spell……

“Connecting with the energy of Chrysanthemum. Brew hot water and prepare the Chrysanthemum tea. Notice the delicate fragrance. Watch as the flower opens and expands in the teacup. It’s mildly sweet flavour with notes of honey connecting you to magical realm of nature. Perfect to enjoy just before bed. Think of the origin on this flower, where did it grow? How was it harvested? Visualize the long energy of this process absorbing into your body. Recite something you wish to be more productive with out loud. In doing so, you are grounding & centering your energy, thus promoting a healthy sleep-wake cycle.”

I love this beautiful spell and could feel the positivity as I was writing it out for you.

Chrysanthemum Necklace ($12 Value)

Chrysanthemum is a symbol of happiness, longevity, sunshine, and wakefulness. Wear the chrysanthemum necklace throughout the day. Radiate its energy. Feel energized. This balances your nighttime sleep ritual.

This necklace was the first thing I saw when I opened the box and it immediately put a smile on my face. It is absolutely beautiful and so soothing to look at. I LOVE the idea of wearing it during the day to prepare for a peaceful nighttime ritual.

Practical Magic Box Review March 2022 – Final Thoughts

The March Practical Magic Box is absolutely wonderful. I love the “Magic for Better Sleep” theme as it fits my currents “needs” perfectly. Sleep is extremely important and I love the idea of using natural elements and “practical magic” to set myself up for the best sleep possible. The March box has provided me with all the tools I need for my new nighttime ritual and I absolutely cannot wait to get started!

-AYOB Sarah

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