Put A Bow On It Review January 2017

Put a Bow On It is a Canadian Subscription Box full of fabulous lifestyle products curated around a fun and exciting theme. They kindly sent me this box for review. 

I love, love, loved my December Put A Bow On It box. It was perfect for the holiday season. It was filled with cozy socks, candles, jewelry and bath & body products. They always put together really fun themes. I think that’s the part I look forward to the most.

January Theme

This month I am reviewing the Premium Box and the theme is “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. The Premium Box is the more expensive of the two options. It is $59.99 per month and the Deluxe Box is $36 per month. I always end up liking the Premium Box better. Of course I like the more expensive box, isn’t that just how it works?

For Tea’s Sakes Travel Mug With Infuser

A great way to bring some warmth with you on the go. This stylish travel mug is designed with an integrated stainless steel infuser so you can enjoy freshly brewed tea wherever life takes you. Simply add your favourite loose leaf tea and hot water for the perfect cup, every time.

I don’t know why I get so excited about travel mugs but I do. This is a great idea for a January box. It’s cold and grey outside, and all I want to do is drink tea.

Moon Tea Co. Loose Leaf Tea

If your New Years’ resolution was to incorporate more relaxation and tranquility into your life, this is the tea for you. Relax and Renew tea is an Organic herbal blend of lavender, lemon balm, chamomile and corn flowers. This tea is a calming blend of herbs which help relieve stress, reduce anxiety and calm the mind, body and soul.

Moon Tea Co. has become one of my favourites tea companies. And can I just say how nice it is that they included tea to go with the travel mug! I love it when subscription boxes do this. If I receive a really cool product, I get even more excited about it if I also receive a product that goes with it. Think colouring book and pencil crayons, eye shadow and eye shadow brush, book and a book mark. It’s such a simple concept, but one I don’t see as often as I should. They get bonus points for this.

Soft Boucle Scarf

Stay warm this season and one-up the chill factor with this soft boucle scarf. It has a soft knit and is finished with classic fringe. This season there is no reason to sacrifice style for comfort. 

Typically I would prefer a patterned scarf to a plain black one, but I am actually really loving this. You can easily dress this up, or dress it down. Which means I finally have a scarf to wear with my Lululemons.

Scrub Supply Co Coffee Scrub

Our skin tends to need some extra TLC while it’s cold outside. This organic coffee scrub helps stimulate blood flow, helps reduce appearance of cellulite and eczema. It helps to exfoliate dead, dull looking skin and unclogs your pours, leaving you with a refreshed, smooth and firmer feel. This is a great way to give our skin a much needed wake up call!

I have definitely received my fair share of coffee scrub this year. It’s a very popular beauty product right now, and for good reason. Not only does it smell amazing, but it has some really great benefits. It can be a little messy, but other than that I absolutely love it.

Brookside Chocolates

At Brookside, they craft extraordinarily delicious dark chocolate-covered snacks. Snacks with intriguing combinations of ingredients and fruit flavours. 

I freakin’ love these things! This is just a small little package, but I’m not complaining. It will fit perfectly in my purse……a little emergency snack. You can buy big bags of these at Costco. I recommend keeping them in the freezer……so good!

Put A Bow On It Review January 2017 – Final Thoughts

Even though I have received some of these items a few times in other subscriptions, I still think this is a really great box for January. The theme is perfect. Like I mentioned above, it is cold and grey outside, and all I want to do is cozy up with a big ol’ cup (or travel mug) of tea. And, the black scarf will come in very handy because it will go with pretty much every outfit I own, whether it be dressy or casual. I’m actually really excited about the idea of wearing it with my gym gear. The thing I like most about Put A Bow On It is their fun themes. They come up with some really great ones month after month. I am really looking forward to their February boxes……will they go with the typical “love” theme or will they come up with something completely different…..


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