RawSpiceBar Review September 2016

RawSpiceBar Review September 2016

It’s been a few months since my last RawSpiceBar review, and since then they’ve gotten a bit of a makeover. Their website is spruced up, and their packaging has a new look. I have to admit, I was starting to miss my monthly spice delivery. I LOVE spices. Being vegan, I’ve come to rely on spices. I use them in place of butter, dairy, sugar, etc….to make my meals flavourful. Quality spices are highly underrated.

RawSpiceBar Details

If you aren’t familiar with RawSpiceBar it is a subscription box that sends you global, authentic spice blends created by top chefs to your door every month. This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.

The Box: RawSpiceBar

Cost: $8 per month

What You get: 3 freshly ground, recipe-ready flavor kits, direct to your door each month. Add your own local, fresh ingredients to cook 3 globally inspired meals for 3-4 people. Plus, personalize your recipes with our Flavor Profile Quiz after you sign up!

Ships to: US & Canada

Shipping Cost: FREE to US & $4 to Canada

Subscription Details

I decided to spend some time on the RawSpiceBar website prior to this review. I had a feeling there would some changes to the subscription model to go along with the changes to appearance. I discovered that the price has changed from $6 to $8 but the shipping costs have stayed the same.

September Theme

Each month RawSpiceBar has a different theme. This month we are traveling to Argentina. The product card says “Argentine is a country of bold flavours, textured coffee, voluptuous red wine, and succulent meats  are table staples.” I am loving the reference to wine and coffee, the meat not so much. But that is to be expected. Let’s have a closer look at this month’s spices….

rawspicebar-review-september-2016-8 rawspicebar-review-september-2016-4
Chipotle Smoked Salt

RawSpiceBar’s Chipotle Smoked Salt gives a rich, toasted pepper flavour to grilled vegetables, we also love this salt mixed into guacamole, spooned into tacos and stirred into chilies. 

The recipe that came with the Chipotle Salt is Chipotle Salt Grilled Summer Vegetables. I am extremely happy to see a veggie recipe…..obviously. I might not do these on the grill, but roasted in the oven instead.

rawspicebar-review-september-2016-9 rawspicebar-review-september-2016-6
Dark Coffee & Chiles

RawSpiceBar’s Coffee Chili Dry Rub is perfect as a rub for an Argentinian skirt steak or hearty grilled beets.

The recipe that came with the Coffee Chili Dry Rub is Coffee-Chili Rubbed Steaks. I might make this dish for the BF, but I also like their reference to hearty grilled beets. Those are more my style.

rawspicebar-review-september-2016-7 rawspicebar-review-september-2016-5
Sun Dried Tomato Pizza

RawSpiceBar’s Sun-dried Tomato Pizza blend and recipe gives a nod to Bueno Aires, one of the world’s great pizza capitals. 

Now we are talking. I LOVE pizza. The world would not be complete without pizza. Mind you, I can’t really enjoy it the same way as I use to, pizza is always a little different sans cheese, but I still love it.

RawSpiceBar Review September 2016 – Final Thoughts

I have to say, I love RawSpiceBar’s new look, and I really love their new website. I wish the new spice packages were resealable, but other than that I can’t complain. But, I think my favourite part is the new recipe search tool on their website. I obviously can’t make the steak recipe we received this month (unless I make it for the BF) so I simply went to their recipe page and searched for recipes using the Coffee Chili Rub and ta-da….I found not one, but two, vegan friendly options. I’m happy to be reviewing RawSpiceBar again and am already looking forward to the October spices……hopefully the word “pumpkin” is involved.





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