Rebel’s Craft Chocolate Box Review December 2018

Chocolate. Who does not like chocolate? If you don’t, you might not have tasted the awesomeness of craft chocolate. I had the opportunity to review the December Rebel’s Craft Chocolate Box and was pleased to put myself to the test with a chocolate tasting. Like a fine wine, a good chocolate must be tasted accordingly. I did my research to give you the best review possible.

*Spoiler: I will need more practice, but I think I found a new hobby…

Subscription Details

Before I get to the tasty subject, here’s some information about Rebel’s Craft Chocolate Box. It is a Canadian company who bring to your door the finest craft chocolate (drinking chocolate, chocolate bars, cacao nibs…)

Like Richard Badra says, the founder of the company, the products from Rebel Chocolates combines mind-boggling flavors, all-natural ingredients, artisanship, sustainability and poverty-fighting sourcing.

You can buy chocolate in their online store and also discover four products (+bonus) at a time with the monthly box.

When you sign up for a Rebel’s Craft Chocolate Box subscription you have 4 options to choose from:

  • Dark chocolate
  • Inclusions (chocolates with peanuts or sea salt for example)
  • Vegan
  • Dark and milk chocolate

Shipping: $5 in Canada and $15 for the USA.

I received my products well packed in this nice box. The height of the box and the little cardboard pieces are perfect to keep the precious bars intact.

I knew that chocolate could be tasted like wines, so I did some research and learned the basics of chocolate tasting. With a few apple slices and a glass of water (to rinse between each chocolate), I was ready to taste the chocolate bars, from the lowest cacao percentage to the highest. Here is what I did for every bar:

1. Look
2. Snap
3. Smell
4. Taste (I let a piece melt on my tongue)
5. Chew

They had all one thing in common, and this comes from the quality, they all produced a firm, clean snap when broken in two. The texture of the cut was smooth and clean.

Cacao Hunter – Sierra Nevada – 64% Cacao

The box contains two bars of dark chocolate who deserved the gold medal in 2016 at the International Chocolates Awards. Here are the flavor notes: red berries, citrus fruits, cinnamon and panela.

In term of colors, it was the lightest of the four. The bar has a smooth texture and melt like a charm. I could taste the red berries and found the taste to last a few minutes after. It was a good chocolate to start with.

Hummingbird Chocolate – Hispaniola – 70% Cacao

The hummingbird on the chocolate and the box was the first thing I appreciated and the glossy look of the chocolate. This bar won the Golden Bean in 2016 from the Academy of Chocolate. Here are the flavor notes on the package: “Fruit forward taste explosion. Hints of raisin and cherry”.

I think I got a hint of cherry but I will give it an another try to find the raisin (It is so good, I do not mind a second round of tasting). I let it melt on my tongue and really appreciated the experience. This little bird is worth your time and money.

Qantu – Chaska, 70% Cacao

Qantu opened the door to flavors I did not think possible like figs, dates and roses. I really tasted the roses and the figs and it was delectable. Also, I liked the packaging, with the imaged process of the cacao bean transform to tempered chocolate.

SIRENE – Tingo Maria, 73% Cacao

(Definition took on SIRENE website) Deep in the Amazonian jungle of Peru grows the flavorful bean from Ucayali River Cacao. Starting with a caramel flavor it evolves into a mouth filling fruit. Winner of 3 Gold medals at the 2017 International Chocolate Awards, Silver medal in the 2017 Academy of Chocolate Awards, Bronze medal at the 2018 International Chocolate Awards.

Caramel flavor? I was so surprised by that amazing taste. I think I was getting better at this tasting trip because I even got the “mouth filling fruit” finish. Wow!

With that last chocolate, I really felt serene and content. That is another reason why I like good quality chocolate, you do not have to eat a whole bar to feel satisfied. A few pieces suffice.

Drinking Chocolate – Rebel Chocolates – Sample

Drinking chocolate, that is a bonus item I am always happy to get. I will be having a hot coco with my kids to celebrate the beginning of the vacations and I will take my time and enjoy every sip.

Rebel’s Craft Chocolate Box Review December 2018 – Final Thoughts

A discovery. That is definitely my final thought. I discovered flavors and the pleasure of tasting quality chocolates. Rebel’s Craft Chocolate Box brought to me the desire to explore more different flavors of chocolate and to encourage similar companies that have good ethics and values when they choose their ingredients. I greatly recommend this box!

Jacynthe Létourneau –

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  1. I tasted the drinking chocolate to start my Christmas Vacation and the taste is truly amazing. A must try!

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