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Did you know that Chia seeds are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet? They have a ton of health benefits with very few calories. I knew that Chia Seeds were good for me, and try to incorporate them into my diet as much as possible, but I’ve been doing a horrible job lately. So….imagine how excited I was when I was researching recipes for my Rose & Cardamom Spice Blend from RawSpiceBar and came across one for Chia Pudding…..#jackpot! The original recipe called for rose-water and pistachios, but I figured my little spice blend was close enough.

Rose & Cardmom Chia Pudding 3

Recipe: Rose & Cardamom Chia Pudding


  • 1 1/2 cups coconut milk
  • 2 tbs agave nectar
  • 1/4 tsp Rose & Cardamom Spice Blend
  • 5 strawberries pureed
  • mint and strawberries for garnish


  • mix milk, agave, and spices in small bowl until combined
  • add Chia seeds and continue to mix, then add pureed strawberries and mix one more time
  • pour mixture into serving jars, and refrigerate for 4-5 hours
  • top with strawberries and mint, and enjoy!





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