Saltwater & Sand Review Fall 2019

Saltwater & Sand is a coastal subscription box bringing you luxury beach boutique items to your doorstep each quarter. Each box comes with 5 or more full-size items including a mixture of home decor, jewelry and accessories, food items, and bath and beauty products. They kindly sent us the Fall box to review!

Box Details: If you’re an ocean or beach enthusiast, then this box is for you! Receive at least 5 full size beach boutique products each quarter. Items range from home decor, fine jewelry and accessories, gourmet food and drink, or beauty products. Boxes are also available as one-time shipments or gifts.

Subscription Box Plans:

  • One-time box (no subscription): $149
  • Seasonal Plan: $129
  • Annual Plan: $515 ($128.75/box)

Shipping (USA, excluding Hawaii and Alaska): $5

Moroccan Wedding Basket

“Inspired by traditional Moroccan wedding blankets and hand-woven in India, these baskets feature a beautiful chevron pattern and plaited highlights. These make stunning plant holders and are also great for storage of smaller household items.”

Each item arrived gift wrapped in delicate tissue paper and packed securely into this beautiful Moroccan Wedding Basket! I didn’t think I could ever love a basket this much, but it’s such a high-quality item that looks very boho-chic. I like to use this as an indoor plant holder to cover up the pot and spruce up the room!

The Beach People Linen Napkins and Coasters

“Designed in Australia and available at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Anthropologie and Bergdorf Goodman. The Beach People linen is made from the finest flax plants, grown in France and evokes an understated and honest luxury in your home. Stronger and more durable than cotton, it develops a soft luxurious feel the more it is washed and used.”

I’ve been meaning to pick up some fabric napkins for my home since my family goes through paper towels like they’re nothing. Luckily, I’m a big fan of these Linen Napkins – they’re a great reusable alternative, plus they look good on the dinner table. There’s a slight fraying edge, which gives it a real relaxed and home-y feel.

I also really enjoyed the striped linen coasters. I actually had no idea linen coasters existed! I like these a lot more than traditional coasters since they’re easy to keep on the table, fashionable, and also a breeze to clean.

Oyster Candles

“Champagne Cocktail always pairs well with oysters! Pop, clink and enjoy this unique blend. Key scents: Champagne, black currant and citrus. These beautiful oyster tea light candles are hand poured into oyster shells lovingly recycled from Charleston restaurants and set with nautical rope for stability.”

I LOVE eating oysters and burning candles, but I never would’ve imagined combining the two! This trio of oyster candles is made of delicate oyster shells, which are filled with beautifully scented candle wax. The candles are pretty small, but the notes are enough to gently fill the room. Attached beneath the oyster shell is some nautical rope, which keeps your tea candles stable and prevents any accidental turnovers!

Artisan Spa Bar Soap

“Wash away your cares with this beachy Sea Salt Spa Bar. This special soap is crafted from a refreshing, relaxing blend of eucalyptus & ylang-ylang essential oils, and infused with sea salt. Relax and treat your skin to creamy lather and gentle moisturization. Essential Oil Blend: Eucalyptus is known for its ability to disinfect & clean; Ylang-Ylang calms, brings about a sense of relaxation, and helps with releasing feelings of anger and tension. Artisan soap bars, handcrafted in small batches from sustainable, plant-based oils and butters.”

The Sea Salt Spa Bar soap has definitely upped my shower game. It contains a very fragrant blend of eucalyptus and ylang-ylang essential oils which gets magnified during hot showers. The scent is so relaxing and therapeutic. Plus, the bar of soap also creates a very gentle lather that leaves my skin moisturized even after the shower!

Moonstone and 14k Gold Bracelet

“Michelle Gulden, of Jack & Ginger Jewelry, designed and hand crafted this one of a kind gold filled and precious moonstone bracelet, exclusively for us. Moonstones can be found on our local central coast beach and have a special place in our heart. Michelle’s beach inspired jewelry was born in Hawaii and truly made with Aloha.”

This handmade bracelet features a delicate link chain with 5 small unique moonstones. It is adjustable with a spring ring style clasp, but nothing really fits my tiny child-like wrists. I’m sure I won’t have trouble gifting this beauty though!

Sea Salt Caramel Sauce

“This scrumptious sea salt caramel sauce has a rich taste, velvety texture and golden hue. The perfect fall tradition: pour over apple pie or eat it straight out of the jar, dunk a dollop in your coffee, drizzle over ice cream and brownies or serve as caramel fondue with cut apple slices. Never made with preservatives, so give it a stir and refrigerate after opening.”

YUM! I used this Sea Salt Caramel Sauce with nearly everything and I can’t get enough. My personal favorite method is topping desserts like ice cream and brownies off with this rich sauce. If you’re into sweet flavored coffee, the caramel sauce works great mixed in as well!

Saltwater & Sand Fall 2019 Review – Final Thoughts

This is my first time reviewing Saltwater & Sand, and boy am I impressed! Each curation this month was unique and emitted true beach/coastal vibes. I also really enjoyed the mixture of items that ranged from gorgeous home decor, to handmade beach-inspired jewelry, and yummy food items too! Though Saltwater & Sand is a relatively new subscription box, they’ve managed to become one of my new favorite boxes. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Winter!

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