Sapphire Soul Review February 2016

Sapphire Soul isn’t your typical subscription box, it has a lot more meaning behind it than most, and it provides an enlightening experience every time you open it. I really enjoy going through my Sapphire Soul boxes and always end up learning something new.

If you aren’t familiar with Sapphire Soul it is a subscription service that delivers uniquely themed boxes + products, great vibes and nuggets of soul self-care. They believe by doing the inner work, we co-create the outer self and situation. We all have the power, sometimes we just need to learn it for ourselves…… This box was provided complimentary for review.

Sapphire Soul February 2016 1

The Box: Sapphire Soul (mindful & mystic)

Cost: $45 per month

What You Get: The large mindful + mystic is one of our monthly ‘themed’ boxes. It comes with an emailed or video insert to explain each item and how to use it/what it is for. The large gives you a healthy mix of items and is the same as the original box, except the large lotus always includes a piece of jewelry or accessory.

Ships to: US & Canada

Shipping Cost: FREE to US

Sapphire Soul February 2016 4

Sapphire Soul doesn’t come with a product card, which would typically be a bit of a dilemma for me, but when it comes to this subscription box I actually enjoy looking up the different products we receive as it allows me to do some research at the same time.

Sapphire Soul February 2016 5

Stash Tea Sampler – I am a huge fan of tea and always like to see it in my subscription boxes, we also received an inspirational bookmark and a Mystic Moons oracle card which  is a little spoilers for the March box.

Sapphire Soul February 2016 6

Affirmation Candle ($3.50) – This pretty little candle is an essential oil fragrance blend of musk, carnation, and wisteria.

Sapphire Soul February 2016 7

Love Incense ($3) – These fit perfectly with the theme of the month. The package contains 8 sticks which promise to fill the air with amore.

Sapphire Soul February 2016 9 Sapphire Soul February 2016 10

Crystals – These pretty little crystals arrived in the candy box, which was a really cute idea on their part. Luckily they all came with a product card as I’m still not overly familiar with what each one stands for. Here’s just a sampling:

Selenite/Desert Rose (middle) – brings about mental ability, intuition and clarity.

Sapphire Soul February 2016 11

Moonstone (middle) – protects traveler at night and prevents road rage.

Sapphire Soul February 2016 12

Ametrine (left) – calms the mind by helping to release stress and tension from the head.

Gem-Infused Essential Oil Blend ($3) – I’m not sure what blend this is but I really wish I did because I LOVE essential oils and try to use them as much as possible.

Sapphire Soul February 2016 13

Bracelet – This is a gorgeous bracelet, I love the arrow. I was hoping to find this on their website as I would love a little more information on it, but I don’t think they have it in their online store. I’m sure it has some meaning behind it and would love to know what that meaning is.

Sapphire Soul February 2016 8

Thoughts: As much as I love Sapphire Soul, I have to say that I liked my last box more than this month’s box. I feel like the last box had a better product mix. Don’t get me wrong, there are some absolutely wonderful items in the February box, but my December box seemed to have a bit more going on. I think I would have liked it more if we had received a couple different products in place of all the crystals. I’m still learning about crystals and don’t quite have the appreciation for them that I should… steps for this girl. I do however, love the bracelet, the essential oil and the candle. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what the March box has in store.






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