Scent Trunk Review July 2016

Scent Trunk Review July 2016

Scent Trunk Review July 2016 – I haven’t had the best luck with my Scent Trunk boxes, but it’s due to my lack of time. I really need to find a few minutes to fill out my scent profile properly. I’ve heard of a lot of reviewers/subscribers having great luck with this subscription. So I can only assume the undesirable boxes are my own fault.

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Scent Trunk Details

If you aren’t familiar with Scent Trunk it is a tailored fragrance subscription to help men and women find their perfect scents without spending hours in department stores. This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.

The Box: Scent Trunk

Cost: $18 per month

What You Get: Scent Trunk sends three miniature fragrances monthly or 4 miniature fragrances each season

Ships to: US & Canada

Shipping Cost: FREE

Coupon: Use the coupon “YEAR40” to get 40% off – CLICK HERE

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Shipping Details

Scent Trunk subscriptions are shipped in a white mailing envelope, which contains their white logo’d box inside. You receive a fragrance card for each scent which tells you a little more about the notes, longevity and retails price. Packages are sent out once per week and you will receive shipping confirmation of your first month within 5-10 business days. US and Canadian orders ship in 2 – 4 business days.

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Chemical Bonding by Ineke

Chemical Bonding is sparkling citrus combined with powdery softness of floral and musky notes.
There is a smooth cocktail of citrus, blackberry and tea in the top notes. Dewy peony is in the very heart. The base is filled with powdery notes of vetiver, amber and musks. 

This has a very fresh, spring, scent. I thought I would hate it, but it’s actually kind of pretty.

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North by Mendittorosa

North by Mendittorosa is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women and men. Top notes are black pepper, aldehydes and bergamot; middle notes are sea notes, floral notes and jasmine; base notes are atlas cedar, virginian cedar and nutmeg.

I smell a lot of spice and musk in this one. It’s not really my style.

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Rose Etoile de Hollande

Rose Étoile de Hollande is no ordinary rose: powdery and spicy, with a round, lush white peach note lifted by aldehydes, and sprinkled with clove. Heart notes of warm cedar, earthy patchouli and a sly leather note adds to the scintillating heart while a hint of powdery heliotrope conspire to create an innocent, yet joyously carnal scent.

This one is very powdery, as with the previous scent, it’s not my style. I prefer fruity and sweet.

Scent Trunk Review July 2016 – Final Thoughts

Once again, I didn’t have much luck with my Scent Trunk Box. I kind of like the first fragrance, but the other two aren’t my favourite. I tried to find the time to login to my account this month so I could rate my previous fragrances but it didn’t happen. The review process takes a little longer than it use to. You have to rate the fragrance and leave notes/comments in order for it to show up on your account. I’m horrible when it comes to leaving comments/notes, and I preferred it when we use to only have to rate it based on the start system. This is a great subscription service if you need help finding new fragrances, but make sure you take the time to update your account each month.





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