Seductive Pleasure Review January 2019: Adult Subscription Box

Shopping for naughty items can make some people nervous. Who has never thought “what is the salesperson going to think of me if I look at that product or even more, buy it!” while shopping in a sex shop?

Seductive Pleasure box offers you a great opportunity to discover new items or some you might not dare picking up in a store. It also brings novelty in your solo or couples life with pleasurable products like sex toys, lubricants, massage oils and more.

Subscription Details

When you sign up for Seductive Pleasure Box subscription you can choose a box that suits your relationship status:

  • Heterosexual couple
  • Lesbian couple
  • Homosexual couple
  • Solo pleasures (woman)
  • Solo pleasures (man)

Couples box are $55 and solo boxes are $45 (the shipping price is known when you enter your address. For example, it was $12 for my address (in Canada).

To make sure you receive products that will fit your needs and preferences, Seductive Pleasure asks, in a short survey, for your favorite items .

Then, you choose your terms: 1, 3, 6 or 12 months before you enter your contact information to receive your precious package full of fun.

I received my products well packed in a discreet box with the initials of Seductive Pleasure forming a heart shape. I personally get my boxes shipped to my office, so I appreciate how discreet the box is.

The products are covered with a red silky paper, and they come with a pamphlet detailing every item. Let me show you what was hidden in there…

Dildo “Down & Dirty 4 ¾” from Topco

This PVC dildo is not that long but has an appreciable width of 1.72 inch. The details on the toy, from the realistic look, the veined-texture and even the testicles beneath also add to the fun. The flared base makes it safe to use vaginally or anally and also makes it harness compatible. The 4,75 insertable inches might not be long enough for some, but it is always enough for a good G spot orgasm and the realistic texture add to the fun.

Juicy Lemon Male Masturbator from Topco

This mini male masturbator is the cutest I have ever seen. It is made of Love Skin® material and has a realistic textured interior. That kind of masturbator is best used with a lubricant and Juicy lemon provides you with some Hot & Spicy water based lubricant for your first use. It can be washed with liquid antibacterial soap and reused.

My husband kindly allowed me to test this product on him. He liked the texture of the toy and I liked that it is easy to maneuver and fun to play with. The toy does not extend that much on the shaft, but the most sensible part is covered. Also, you have to be careful not to put lubricant on your hands or the toy is going to slip a bit out of hand.

Infinity Super Ring from Pipedream

The powerful bullet provides amazing vibrations for your partner, while the super-stretchy ring help maintain thicker, harder erections.

There is actually two rings; one that keeps the blood in the shaft, therefore a harder erection and another one (optional) around the testicles that helps keep the explosive outcome at bay to make the pleasure last longer.

The bullet is fun for the wearer but also for the female partner with some vibration going to the clitoris (if the position allows it).

Neon Tape

This purple neon tape really surprised me (first because I did not know it existed and second because it works so well!). I am more traditional when it comes to restrain, like cute handcuffs, and I do not use them often, but this PVC tape offers other possibilities. It can be used to bind, gag, blindfold, or even dress your partner.

My hairs are long and get everywhere, so sticking tape on my body does not look appealing, but I confirm, this tape is super safe. It sticks to itself and stays in place but you can take it off your body easily and does not stick to anything but itself.

Oral Delight Spray – Cotton Candy – Good Head from Doc Johnson

It is a lickable spray free of sugar or parabens and even vegan-friendly.

Here is the list of ingredients: Water, propanediol, flavor (aroma), xanthan gum, citric acid, sucralose, colloidal silver, blue 1.

I found the flavor to be too intense for my taste but Good Head definitely got the Cotton Candy flavor right.

Fizzing Bath Tints

Enjoy wildflower scented bath bombs with your partner. The fizzing bombs tint bath water instantly giving off romantic vibes without staining the tub! Use 1 to 3 bath bombs per use depending on the desired intensity. Bath bomb colors included are pink, blue, and purple, and come in packs of 12.

Since the bath bombs are really tiny, they do not make quite a lot of fizz and will not stain your bath. I think 3 bath bombs is the minimum per use. They add a romantic touch to your bath with your loved one and a nice smell to the room.

Seductive Pleasure added a cute little lucky charm to start the new year.

The horseshoe is known to bring good luck and is also a sign of protection.

Seductive Pleasure Review January 2019 – Final Thoughts

January’s box was my first one from Seductive Pleasure and I enjoyed the variety of products that was sent. I have tested a lot of different pleasure items and still discovered new ones in this box like the purple PVC tape that surprised me with is efficacy and the male masturbator that has such a fun design. Since I have a preference for silicone sex toys, that is something I would like to see in a future box and would not mind one less item in exchange since silicone toys are a bit more expensive.

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