Simple Loose Leaf Review April 2018

Simple Loose Leaf is a monthly tea adventure that takes you on a journey to explore four loose leaf teas.  Plus each box comes with some fun extras to help get you started brewing your new favorite teas from the first moment you open the box. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Simple Loose Leaf is one of the most reasonably priced subscription boxes we review…..period. For only $9 per month you get to test out 4 new loose leaf teas. For a tea addict like myself, this is a pretty amazing deal.

Subscription Details

Amazing Teas Delivered Every Month: Get 4 amazing loose leaf teas monthly or quarterly plus special membership only discounts! All tea boxes ship on the 1st of the month so order before the end of this month to get the next tea box.

Cost: $9 per month

Shipping: Shipping for all US based members is $2.99/month. For Canadian members, shipping is $9.49/month.

Here’s a closer look at the tea we received in the April box….

Orange Blossom Oolong

Our Orange Blossom Oolong tea features the classic oolong leaf. When brewing, watch the oolong tea unfurl and blossom. Orange Blossom Oolong is a great mild tea that can be wonderful in the mornings or mid-afternoon if you need a cup of tea that is clean and smooth.

I’m on a huge orange kick right now. In fact, I’m currently wearing an orange-scented body butter and have a nice juicy orange sitting beside me on my desk….no joke. Therefore, this will undoubtedly be the tea I sample first. Give me all the oranges! Orange anything!

Sweet Hibiscus

A sweet herbal tea, this Sweet Hibiscus combines the exotic flavours of lychee and the goji berry with hibiscus, rose hips, and blue mallow blossoms. You’ll find a cup of tea that works great either hot or cold depending on how you need to serve it. And Sweet Hibiscus offers a fun drink that won’t keep you up all night as it is.

I love the promise of a tea that won’t keep me up all night. I enjoy tea most in the evening, after a long workday, when all the chores are done, and I get to sit down with my thoughts and an episode of Teen Mom…..that’s when I will be enjoying this Sweet Hibiscus tea.

Midnight Rose

Midnight Rose is a truly unique tea for Simple Loose Leaf. Using a sencha green tea base, Midnight Rose combines the rich dark notes of black tea, vanilla, rose petals and rose hips into a cup of tea that is reminiscent of a dew soaked morning in a rose garden. Ideally this tea is served neat without any additives but if you need to cut the rose notes, you can add some milk. Another option is to mix this tea with your favourite straight tea to shift the flavour.

Ohhh……this one sounds good! A green tea base with vanilla and rose petals?! Sign me up. I love anything flavoured with vanilla, and I am making an effort to drink green tea on a daily basis so I am more than excited to test this Midnight Rose tea out.

Honey Black

A smooth rich cup of tea is what you can expect to enjoy with this Honey Black. Using honey pollen and an Indian Fair Trade Organic black tea, Honey Black will be perfect on a cool spring morning to get you moving. If you want to “English” this tea up a bit you can add some milk but otherwise this tea is best serviced hot with a scone on the side.

Lastly we have a blend that will be perfect for my morning cup. A simple black tea with a hint of honey. There’s beauty in simplicity……that’s what I always say.

Simple Loose Leaf Review April 2018 – Final Thoughts

The April Simple Loose Leaf is lovely. That’s the first word that comes to mind. I love the new, more compact packaging and I love the simplicity of all four tea blends we received this month. The price point is unbeatable, really it is, and shipping costs aren’t bad either. You can get an annual subscription for only $90…….serioulsy…..only $90 and someone you love gets to enjoy a monthly delivery for an entire year. A Mother’s Day gift perhaps? I think so!


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