Simple Loose Leaf Review August 2018

I was graciously sent this TEA-licious box of Classic Tea by Simple Loose Leaf. Ya get it?! Ya get it?! Oh, my goodness! This tea is absolutely mouthwatering. They have something for everyone! From white tea, green tea, and black tea.

From Simple Loose Leaf Company:

“Each month you’ll get a box filled with teas ranging from classically savory to enjoyably trendy, you’ll get terrific, members’ only discounts for our tea shop, and you’ll get everything you need to make that perfect cup of tea.”

What You’ll Get:

  • Four hand packaged loose leaf teas
  • 40g of tea in resealable pouches
  • A black tea, a green tea, an herbal tea and more
  • Reusable organic linen tea filters
Grand Keemun

Grand Keemun is a surprisingly light black tea. I love how it just flows easily from the cup and into my mouth.

It is not overpowering in any way! I love that it has a slight fruit taste with hints of smoky notes in the aroma.

I, of course, sweetened it with a little bit of organic honey that I used in all of my teas and it was the perfect mixture!

I just love this box so much! Getting it every month is a huge delight! This tea originates from China and has the normal amount of caffeine. Perfect for a morning drink or something in the afternoon!

Berry Chamomile

Okay, I think I have found my favorite types of tea thanks to this subscription box! I LOVE BERRY TEA!!!

This is the perfect mix of Sleepy Time tea with a hint of citrus and berries. I know that this will be my favorite tea right before bedtime!

You can drink it hot or cold. It has the classic herbal chamomile base that will help you fall into a relaxed state. Perfect for right before bed. It has hints of orange, hibiscus, and raspberry leaves.

Which is amazing due to the fact that raspberries are my favorite fruit! I highly recommend this tea!
In a way this tea kind of tastes like fruity pebbles the cereal! Haha!

Green Hibiscus

Oooooo! I love this tea! Not only is the color of this tea inviting, but the aroma is overwhelming. It made me close my eyes, breathe in a lung full of air, and sigh with such satisfaction.

I love how berry this tea tastes! It is a green tea hailing from China and has a normal amount of caffeine.

I can see myself brewing a whole jug of this and drinking it cold throughout the hot summer days! Just a little bit of honey and it takes the tartness to the perfect level!

This is such a wonderfully colored tea as well! It is full of green tea, hibiscus, marigold flowers, jasmine, and mango flavors! The perfect tea for those warm summer nights!

Kashmiri Chai Tea

Last, but certainly not least it the Kashmiri Chai tea. I have a HUGE weakness for Chai tea. But this tea…it reminds me of my childhood.

Specifically, have you ever tried one of those cinnamon candies that your grandma, grandpa, or great-aunt always kept in their purse or pocket?

Those ones with the perfect amount of sweetness, spice, and everything nice? That is exactly what this tea has. It is perfect.

I can see myself drinking this tea all year round! I would most definitely drink this hot, myself. I just love how cozy it makes me feel!

Go check Simple Loose Leaf out! Your taste buds won’t regret it!


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