Simple Loose Leaf Review December 2018

Simple Loose Leaf is one of the best and affordable tea subscription boxes! They normally send you 4 different teas, 2 with caffeine, and 2 without. This is perfect for the next cold night that you want tea but you’re close to your bedtime and you are wanting something that won’t keep you up too long. Another aspect of this Classic Tea Box is the fact that they send you 4 reusable linen tea bags every month!

From Simple Loose Leaf Company: “Each month you’ll get a box filled with teas ranging from classically savory to enjoyably trendy, you’ll get terrific, members’ only discounts for our tea shop, and you’ll get everything you need to make that perfect cup of tea.”

What You’ll Get: Four hand packaged loose leaf teas 40g of tea in resealable pouches A black tea, a green tea, an herbal tea and more Reusable organic linen tea filters For only $9 a month! That is a steal! So without further ado, let’s get into December’s Simple Loose Leaf Tea Box!

Hathikuli Black Retail: $6.00

One of the BEST details that Simple Loose Leaf does is give you a wonderfully detailed pouch with each of the different teas inside. They also give you the linen pouch that you can use for the different teas. This makes it a lot easier to keep the teas separated and make sure that your tea is going into the same bag every time.  The Hathikuli Black tea is part of one of Assam’s most prominent organic tea plantations. This tea has a distinct sweet maltiness that reminds me of honey and dates. I have a weakness for black tea and this one did not disappoint!

Japanese Kukicha Retail: $17.00

I love the colors of the tea that Simple Loose Lead sends. One could say that you eat and drink with your eyes. When I look at the vibrant colors of the tea, smell the intoxicating aromas, and then taste it, it is a whole experience.  The Japanese Kukicha is a blend of stems, stalks, and twigs of the tea-plant. One thing that I love about the Japanese culture is the fact that they use ALL of the plant or animal that they eat. This is something that I try to pride myself on as well.  This tea is a mix between a gyokuro green tea and a sencha green tea. It can also be steep several times which is amazing!

Midnight Herbal Retail: $8.00

When I talked about how beautiful these teas are Midnight Herbal is the PERFECT example. This picture might not give it justice but it has Blue Lavender flowers, rose, and lemon grass. This is such a unique cuppa tea and I am so happy that they included it this month.  This is tea is an herbal tea in the truest sense of the word. If you need to sweeten it up, as I did, try a bit of raw honey from your region!

Fujian Oolong Retail: $6.00

Oolong is a traditional Chinese tea produced through a process of withering the plant under a strong sun. The plant tends to curl up into a rolled leaf style. This is one of my favorite styles of tea. I love the woody aroma of the tea but it also has a slight sweetness in it as well. The more you steep this tea the better it tastes!

This has been another lovely Simple Loose Leaf box! I love the new design to the box as well. It made me smile the moment I retrieved it from my mailbox. You really couldn’t get a better tea box for the price of $9.00 a month. I high recommend you try it out!

Happy drinking!

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