Simple Loose Leaf Review July 2022

Simple Loose Leaf is a monthly tea adventure that takes you on a journey to explore four loose leaf teas. Discover an amazing experience each month. You decide how many teas you want to explore each month. You can choose to receive 2, 3, or 4. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

Each month Simple Loose Leaf subscribers will be sent an experience filled with teas ranging from classically savory to enjoyably trendy. It’s simple! You buy, and they ship.

  • Up to four hand packaged loose leaf teas with 14g samples of each tea in resealable pouches
  • Pick Variety Sampler (Most Popular), Herbal Tea Sampler, Black Tea Sampler, or Green Tea Sampler
  • Reusable cotton tea filters with the 1st month
  • Black Teas: Assam, Yunnan, Keemun, Lapsang Souchong, Earl Grey etc.
  • Green Teas: Gunpowder, Genmacha, Sencha, & Naturally Scented Greens
  • Herbal Teas: Rooibos Blends, Lemongrass, Chamomile,Chai Blends and More
  • Other Teas: Tisane Blends, Decaf. Teas, Oolong Teas, Pu’erh Teas

Subscriptions start at $14.90 per month for 2 teas. Today we are reviewing the four tea box which cost $24.90 per month.

Here’s a closer look at the July Simple Loose Leaf tea box….

Everest Breakfast

“Everest Breakfast is an elegant simple two-ingredient Blended black tea that uses a Tippy Indian Assam and the rich Chinese Yunnan black. When you first open this tea you’ll be greeted by the memory of dry fall leaves after they’ve been gathered in a pile”

Ingredients: Tippy Assam and Yunnan Teas

This is a very strong and robust tea! I took the package’s advice and added a splash of milk and a touch of whipped cream. It turned into the perfect early morning treat. This is a lovely tea to drink as summer turns into fall!

Ceylon Orange Pekoe

“Our Ceylon Orange Pekoe is a whole new leaf and bud black tea from Sri Lanka. The “Orange Pekoe” doesn’t refer to any flavors or colors you’ll find when brewing this tea. It refers to the grade of the tea and tells you what kind of leaf structure you can expect in the teas. A Flowering Orange Pekoe (FOP) tea is going to have larger leaves while a Broken Orange Pekoe (BOP) is going to have more broken leaves in the tea.”

Ingredients: Organic Sri Lankan Ceylon Orange Pekoe

This is such a lovely everyday tea! It’s deep and rich while still having sweet notes. I didn’t think it needed milk or sugar added to it at all! Out of all the teas in this month’s Simple Loose Leaf subscription box, I would say that this one is my favorite.

Simple Raspberry Black

“Our Simple Raspberry Black is like a warm raspberry tart fresh from the oven when you can still smell the hot pastry and raspberry as separate elements. The South Indian Black in this tea offers the warm earthy sweet notes you experience when drinking this tea. And the raspberry is the jam filled center of this cute and simple tea.”

Ingredients: South Indian Black Tea, All Natural Flavor and Freeze-Dried Raspberries

What a lovely smelling tea – as soon as you open the package you are hit with a wave of beautiful raspberries. I tried this both chilled and warm and prefer it prepared with a smidge of honey to balance the tartness of the raspberry.

Empress Rajini

“Empress Rajini is, at first and foremost, a smooth and bold Indian black tea with the intention to give you a dose of morning energy and motivation. But mornings should be beautiful too. That’s exactly why Empress Rajini is decorated with lavender and rose petals and infused with mango and peach flavor.”

Ingredients: Black tea, lavender, and rose petals with mango and peach flavor

The aroma of this tea is beautiful and delicate. The lavender notes are subtle yet sweet and the fruity notes balance out the floral taste from the added rose petals. I really enjoyed this one iced and even added a splash of sparkling water to make a mocktail in the evening.

Simple Loose Leaf Review July 2022 – Final Thoughts

This month’s sampling of teas included all black teas! It was great to get my caffeine fix from all of them.. As always, I appreciate that Simple Loose Leaf includes steeping instructions or recommendations in their box and on the packaging. This month the small pamphlet was also a lovely little postcard that could be sent to a family or friend!

Kylie Smith –

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