Simple Loose Leaf Review May 2018

Simple Loose Leaf is a monthly tea adventure that takes you on a journey to explore four loose leaf teas.  Plus each box comes with some fun extras to help get you started brewing your new favorite teas from the first moment you open the box. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Simple Loose Leaf is an inexpensive subscription for tea lovers. It’s a really great way to get your tea fix every month. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to test tea blends before committing to the full-size version. Simple Loose Leaf allows me to do that from the comfort of home. I get to test four new tea blends each month. It’s a great way to try new blends you might not have discovered on your own.

Subscription Details

Amazing Teas Delivered Every Month: Get 4 amazing loose leaf teas monthly or quarterly plus special membership only discounts! All tea boxes ship on the 1st of the month so order before the end of this month to get the next tea box.

Cost: $9 per month

Shipping: Shipping for all US based members is $2.99/month. For Canadian members, shipping is $9.49/month.

Here’s a closer look at the tea we received in the May box….

African Purple

Our African Purple combines a great Tumoi Purple Tea with lemon peels, rose hips, calendula and French vanilla to make a truly unique tea that many tea drinkers have never had the chance to try.

I have a feeling this will be my favourite blend for the month of May. I opened this one up after taking the photos and was greeted by the most wonderful smell of lemon and vanilla.

Organic Monk’s Blend

This blend brings the flavours of four unique tea growing regions into your cup when ever the mode takes you.

This blend might not have the flavours I typically look for in a tea blend but it will make for a really nice morning cup.

Guranse Estate Green

In this tea you will find a smooth, bright and slightly dry experience with very light sweet aromatics. If you enjoy Darjeeling green teas then Nepalese green teas should be a great addition to your collection.

Green tea is always a good idea. I like to have it on hand at all times. I make an effort to drink at least one cup per day.

Turmeric Comfort

Turmeric Comfort brings together the smooth flavours of organic honey bush, organic rooibos, organic turmeric, organic cinnamon, organic pepper whole, organic ginger and honey bee pollen to make a cup of tea that will be a little earthy, a little spicy and a little sweet.

I love that turmeric tea is becoming more popular. It’s such a unique flavour and provides so many health benefits.

Simple Loose Leaf Review May 2018 – Final Thoughts

If tea is your thing, Simple Loose Leaf is your subscription. I rave about this subscription every month because you just can’t beat the price. It really is a wonderful subscription if you think about it. The packaging is professional, the product card is informative and the value is pretty amazing.


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