Simply Beautiful Box Review Fall 2020

From the editors of @BCLiving, Simply Beautiful Box is a seasonal subscription box filled with beauty products, fashion finds and decor treasures – plus more amazing products delivered to your door each season! They kindly sent us this box for review.

I’ve probably mentioned this in every Simply Beautiful Box review over the last year, but when it comes to Canadian Subscription Boxes this is by far one of my favourites. I love the brands they work with and I love the curation. It feels like a special gift each and every time I open it.

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a Simply Beautiful Box subscription you can choose to pay monthly or every 3 months and each season you will receive a new box.

Every 90 days, receive 6 to 8 curated products delivered to your door for the body, home and soul, including:

  • The best beauty finds
  • Must-have style pieces
  • The trendiest home decor treasures

Here’s a closer look at the items we received in the Fall Simply Beautiful Box…..

Huna Nourish Calm Face Serum ($88)

Who doesn’t need some calm and nourishment right now? This newest serum from Winnipeg’s Huna Skin delivers intense moisture to reduce redness, soothe irritated skin and provide lasting comfort. This liquid gold effectively transforms even the most dehydrated, and sensitive skin into comforted, even-toned, healthy-looking skin. Simply apply 3 to 5 drops to freshly cleansed skin morning and night.

We received the same serum in the Fall Extraordinary Man Box and I am very excited to have two bottles. It has the most amazing ingredient list and can be used day and night. I’m almost done my current oil/serum and am going to try this one next.

Foxy Originals Moon Charm Earrings ($30)

Add some sparkle this season! Foxy Originals brings you on-trend jewellery that will elevate your style. Made in Toronto, these gorgeous pavé hoops are the perfect final touch for any look—day or night—and can be worn with or without the delicate moon charm. The gold is handmade in fine pewter and plated in 14-karat gold, while the silver is handmade in fine pewter and plated in silver. All of Foxy’s jewellery is lead-free.

Foxy Originals has been featured in a number of subscription boxes as of late and I totally don’t mind. They are a Canadian jewelry company and I have been a fan of theirs for a number of years. I love their jewelry and these Moon Charm Earrings are no exception.

Lark & Ives Pencil Case ($42)

This is how we do back-to-school gear in style! Get your office organized with this elegant pencil case from Vancouver’s Lark & Ives. Ideal to hold pens, pencils, paper clips, and whatever else is scattered around your desk, it can also be used as a beautiful tote for your makeup brushes and cosmetics. Designed in Lark & Ives’ classic minimalist style, this durable case is practical, super-chic and made with the highest quality vegan leather.

My office desk needs a serious makeover so this pencil case arrived at the perfect time. I have been obsessed with stationery products since I was little. There’s just something so fun about new office supplies. I will get a lot of use out of this pencil case.

Naked Snacks Maple Praline Almonds ($3.50)

Vancouver’s Naked Snacks make healthy food delicious! These all-natural maple praline almonds are artisinally crafted using superior-grade nuts and the finest quality maple syrup from Quebec. High in fibre and protein, this comforting fall treat includes no artificial flavours or sweeteners, and has no more than 200 calories per 35-gram portion. These mini bags are available in grocery stores throughout Western Canada, so go ahead and indulge—without the guilt!

Naked Snacks is a product I always love to receive. I have a snack bin in my pantry dedicated to my Naked Snacks goodies. They actually have their own subscription box of which I review each month.

Lift Collagen Powder ($40)

Let’s face it—we all could use a boost right now, so get the lift you need! Lift’s collagen powder helps: promote healthy collagen production, increase skin elasticity and density, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Simply add one scoop of Lift to water or your favourite beverage (it’s unflavoured) and drink up the benefits. Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Note: this product is not vegetarian/vegan.

Even though collagen isn’t vegan-friendly it’s something I have been using on a regular basis. My skin, hair and nails needed some TLC post-pregnancy so I try to have a scoop of collagen each morning with my coffee. Lift is a brand I’m not familiar with so I am going to do a little research, but regardless I am very happy to have received this.

Midnight Paloma Bath Soak ($10)

Vancouver-based Midnight Paloma’s Detox Fizzy Bath Soak works hard to hydrate and invigorate you after a long day (or year). Charcoal removes impurities and deep cleanses while the rolled oats soothe and reduce inflammation. The Epsom salt promotes circulation and helps relieve muscle tension and pain. Scented with blood orange, vanilla, lime and grapefruit, this soak will leave you totally relaxed. Add 2 tablespoons to your bath, then sit back and enjoy! 

Oh my goodness….what a wonderful scent! Blood orange, vanilla, lime and grapefruit sounds (and smells) absolutely wonderful to me. I’m actually in the process of revamping my bath box so this will come in handy.

Evalina Beauty Luminous Face Primer ($35)

Forget about that photo filter! Evalina Beauty’s Luminous Face Primer will re-texturize your skin, giving you an absolutely flawless complexion. This magical gel hydrates skin and enhances overall tone by creating a blurring effect to deliver a dewy translucent finish. Use it under makeup to lengthen the wear of your favourite foundation, or over makeup for a soft luminous look. It can also be used as a highlighter for a lovely natural glow.

We receive a product from Evalina Beauty in each box and I absolutely love it. I have a wonderful collection of their beauty products in my makeup drawer and love all of them. I am yet to try this one. I wonder if I can use it by itself as I don’t wear much makeup, but I really love the idea of a face product I can easily apply that will give my skin a fresh, hydrated look.

Blush Peony Rose Gold Glitter Pen ($10)

We thought you’d like a little something sparkly to put in your new pencil case, and this pen from Vancouver’s Blush Peony is just the item! Featuring a pretty pink glitter water barrel with rose gold hardware, it’s the perfect accessory for jotting down notes or just displaying on your desk to look fabulous. The smooth ballpoint tip makes for effortless writing and the easy-twist opening means you’re never going to lose a lid.

Awe….how pretty (and fun) is this pen?! It goes perfectly with my new pencil case and it will be so fun to write with.

Bee Kind Beeswax Wraps ($19.99)

Handpainted in B.C., these beeswax wraps from Bee Kind in a cheery floral print will brighten up your kitchen this fall. The wraps are handmade with locally sourced pure beeswax, organic cotton fabric, pine tree resin and organic jojoba oil. To use, soften the beeswax with the heat of your hands until it becomes sticky, and then use gentle pressure to seal the wrap to the desired form. To clean, rinse under cool water or wipe gently with a soft, non-abrasive wet cloth.

Lastly we have a set of beeswax wraps and I am very happy to have received these. I am making an effort to cut down on our use of plastic so these will definitely come in handy.

Simply Beautiful Box Review Fall 2020 – Final Thoughts

The Fall Simply Beautiful Box caught me a little off guard. At first glance I wasn’t really feeling it as I was hoping for some Fall themed goodies. But upon further inspection I realized we received a really great selection of products, all of which are very useful and much appreciated. I will get use out of each and every product in the box, some of which I will use on a daily basis. I think they did a great job and, as per usual, I love the brands they have featured.

-AYOB Sarah

Simply Beautiful Box

From the editors of @BCLiving, Simply Beautiful Box is a seasonal subscription box filled with beauty products, fashion finds and decor treasures.

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