Simply Earth Review April 2022

Simply Earth is a monthly subscription for quality essential oils. Each month they deliver four simply pure essential oils, extras, and easy recipes, curated around a specific theme. Simply Earth helps you “create a healthy and chemical free home for your family”. They kindly sent us this box for review.

How often do you use essential oils? Lately I have been using them on a daily basis. Each day I use my Simply Earth essential oils for the following…..

  • diffusers – I have 3 in the house, 2 of which I use daily
  • laundry – I add a few drops of oil to my dryer balls
  • cleaning – I use essential oils in my cleaning sprays
  • bath – I add a few drops of my favorite oils to my bath or in my shower mist sprays
Subscription Details

What You Get: Each month you get all the ingredients, containers, and extras you need to make 6 natural recipes… delivered to your doorstep.

Cost: $39 per month

Coupon Code: Use code AYEAROFBOXESFREE to receive a $40 GC with your first order! – CLICK HERE

Here’s a peek at the items we received in the April Simply Earth box…..

Recipe Cards

This month we received recipe cards for the following:

  1. clean linen spray
  2. stain remover
  3. clean & crisp diffuser blend
  4. fresh reusable dryer sheets
  5. fresh start roll-on
  6. soap nut liquid laundry soap
Sticker Labels

Every month we receive pre-cut sticker labels for the top of our essential oil bottles and for all of the recipes.


This month we received the following items to use with the recipes….

  1. cotton squares
  2. soap nuts
  3. 2 oz spray bottles

Tangerine’s fresh citrusy smell can have a refreshing and rejuvenating effect, while at the same time providing support to the immune system and soothing a queasy stomach.

Tea Tree

Tea Tree Essential Oil is one the best known and loved oils around the world. It has been affectionately known as “First Aid in a Bottle” as it is amazing for skin care, natural cleaning, and respiratory support. It can also be beneficial for those in need of confidence.


Thymus vulgaris, also known as thyme or red thyme, gets its name from the Greek word “thymos” which simply means perfume. It gained its name from its use as incense in Greek temples while the ancient Egyptians found a use for the thyme in their embalming processes. It is said to have originated from Spain but started to spread throughout Europe because of the Romans who used the herb to purify their rooms because of its aromatic flavor.

Clean & Fresh

The perfect blend of the outdoors and citrus, Simply Earth’s Clean and Fresh Essential Oil Blend was created to brighten your day.  Clean & Fresh gives you the boost of energy you need to clean your home naturally.

Simply Earth Review April 2022 – Final Thoughts

This month’s Simply Earth box is going to help us make our laundry more natural and I am absolutely LOVING it! I already mentioned above that I like to add essential oils to my dryer balls and now I get to make my own linen spray, laundry soap and reusable dryer sheets. I think this is going to be one of my favorite boxes to date because laundry is something I do everyday and I love the idea of making my laundry tasks more eco-friendly. Once again Simply Earth has put together a wonderful box!

-AYOB Sarah

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