Simply Earth Review October 2018

Simply Earth is a monthly subscription for quality essential oils. Each month they deliver four simply pure essential oils, extras, and easy recipes, curated around a specific theme. Simply Earth helps you “create a healthy and chemical free home for your family”. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Last month was my first time reviewing Simply Earth and it was love at first sight. A box full of quality essential oils?? How could I not love it? And to make it even better, they include recipes, containers and extras to help you make the most of your essential oil collection. Needless to say, Simply Earth is quickly becoming a new fave.

Subscription Details

What You Get: Each month you get all the ingredients, containers, and extras you need to make 6 natural recipes… delivered to your doorstep.

Cost: $39 per month

Coupon Code: Use code AYEAROFBOXESFREE to receive a Big Bonus Box, Essential Oil Recipe Box & $20 GC with your first order! – CLICK HERE

Here’s a peek at the items we received in the October box…..

Recipe Cards

This month we received recipe cards for the following:

  • Uplifting Inhaler
  • Energy Roll On
  • Creepy Crawlers Repellant
  • Halloween Makeup Remover
  • Halloween Candle
  • Blood of the Dragon Diffuser

Last month there were a couple of recipes I was excited to make, while this month I want to make all of them. I’ll probably start with the candle and the uplifting inhaler and work my way through the list from there.

Sticker Labels

How stinkin’ cute are these labels!! I love that they include these in every box. Simply cut them out and attach them to whatever recipe you decide to make.


Energy Essential Oil Blend was created to give you a little boost during the day when you start feeling your energy drop.  Diffuse in your car on the way to work in the morning to start your day off right!


  • Boosts energy


  • Ingredients: Lemon, Eucalyptus, Peppermint

Ancient middle eastern cultures used Cinnamon Leaf for colds, flu, digestive issues, menstrual complaints, and as a general stimulant. Believed to be one of the oldest plants on Earth, it is still very popular for its various health benefits.


  • Promotes warmth when applied topically diluted to the skin
  • Relieves chronic aches and discomfort
  • Uplifts
  • Helps combat seasonal illnesses
  • Deters pests

Rosemary is a popular herb that can be found in most pantries across the world, but its uses are not limited to the kitchen. Its essential oil can be used to simultaneously relieve sore and tight muscles and provide an uplifting and clearing effect on the mind.


  • Relieves sore, tight muscles
  • Uplifts
  • Clears the mind
  • Warms
  • Inhibits growth of fungus
Citrus Burst

Citrus Burst Essential Oil Blend adds an uplifting boost when diluted in your favorite body care products or added to your favorite homemade cleaning products. Diffuse to reduce unpleasant odors with a fresh, inspiring scent.


  • Cleans naturally
  • Eliminates odors
  • Boosts mood


  • Ingredients: Lime, Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange, Bergamot

This month we received the following items to use with the recipes….

  • candle wax
  • candle wick
  • sachet bag
  • inhaler
Good to Know

Another thing I really love about this subscription is that when you subscribe, you get their BIG BONUS BOX with your first purchase. It contains $50 worth of supplies: hard oil, spray bottles, roller bottles, and more! Plus, you automatically get the Big Bonus Box shipped to you with every 6th box.

Review coming soon………

Simply Earth Review October 2018 – Final Thoughts

The October Simply Earth box is giving me all the feels. I was really looking forward to receiving this month’s box and didn’t disappoint. I spent a little more time going through the box this month and discovered a few more details that went unnoticed last month. On the back of the recipes cards they include some really useful info – bonus item info, Facebook Group, essential oil info, spoiler for next month, charity info, and refer a friend info.

They really do think of everything and all the details are covered. I’m starting to love this subscription more and more each month.


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