SinglesSwag Review November 2022

SinglesSwag is a fun, stylish monthly surprise for amazing single women! They do not subscribe to any societal or cultural expectations on women. They believe a woman’s happiness is determined by her outlook and attitude, not her relationship status. They love to make women look and feel beautiful while empowering and inspiring them. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

What You Get: Once a month, you’ll receive a beautifully designed box packed full of exciting full-sized products, right at your doorstep. The retail value of the box will always be MORE THAN TRIPLE the cost of the box – guaranteed. It’s as simple as that!

Subscription Options:

  • SinglesSwag: receive 5-7 full-size products every month
  • SinglesSwag Petite: receive 3-4 full-size products every month

Here’s a closer look at the items we received in the November SinglesSwag box….

Violet Harper – Morgan Gold Beaded Bracelet + Earrings Set ($54.00)

This set is so classy and would look great on any occasion, I definitely would have worn this when I was going to the office more. So smart and professional! I also really love bracelets that come with a bolo clasp – it just makes it so much easier to put on by myself.

Daily Concepts – Cleansing Sponge ($11.00)

I probably have looked at buying a sponge like this every time I walk the beauty aisle. I just never knew if they would actually work, so I was happy to see this inside this month’s SinglesSwag box and I would have an opportunity to try it out! So far it has worked great at gently exfoliating my skin.

Valuta Gold – Grapefruit Cassis Cuticle Cream ($22.00)

Something that I’ve never paid enough attention to during my self-care routines is my cuticles. This wonderfully smelling grapefruit cuticle cream has made my skin so soft and healthy. I often have hangnails and since using this cream i’ve noticed that my nail health is much better!

Kind Bar – Nut Butter Filled Snack Bar ($2.00)

I absolutely love what feels like a decadent treat, but is actually a healthy snack! I’m absolutely going to buy a package of these bars during my next grocery shop.

So Susan – Primordial Luminous Primer Gel ($42.00)

This primer looks stunning under makeup and truly made me have this effortless glow. It applied nicely and wore well throughout the day. I also appreciate that they listed the gel as a water-based primer, so that I could choose the right foundation to pair with it.

Bellapierre Cosmetics – Ultra Glow Highlighting & Bronzing Palette ($25.00)

This palette looks so lovely on my skintone! The colors blend beautifully together and the velvety matte shade makes a great contour shade. It also wore so nicely and would look great in the evening as well as during the day.

Why You’re So Awesome – Fill In the Blanks Book ($10.00)

I ended up filling this one out for myself and it was a great journaling activity. Everyone should take a moment to be reminded how awesome they are – even themselves!

Pivotal Cosmetics – Facial Cooling Globes ($38.00)

This is by far the coolest (pun intended) item I’ve ever pulled out of a subscription box. After putting the globes into the freezer for 20 minutes, I used the globes to depuff my undereyes and it worked beautifully and felt so nice – what a treat!

SinglesSwag Review November 2022 – Final Thoughts

SinglesSwag is so much fun to receive. I love discovering new brands, testing out different skincare products, enjoying decadent healthy treats……ALL of the things. The price point is extremely reasonable for what you get; the bracelet and earring set is worth $54 alone! Can’t wait to see what they include in next month’s box!

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