Sleek Treat Review February 2017

Sleek Treat is a Sugar-Free Subscription Box with a focus on Low Carb treats safe for pre-diabetics, diabetics and those interested in living healthy without sacrificing gourmet flavor. They Kindly sent us this box for review.

Last month was my first time receiving Sleek Treat and I fell in love with it immediately. I am so happy to have discovered a sugar-free subscription box. I think it is an absolutely wonderful idea. I gave the last box to my Dad who is diabetic, and will do the same again this month. But, if I didn’t give this box to him, I would be more than happy to keep it for myself. I live a sugar-free lifestyle 90% of the time (if not more) which means this box is absolutely perfect for me. Maybe he and I will have to share this month’s box……

We received the following items in our February Box:

La Nouba Belgian Sugarless Treats Marshmallows

These pink and white LaNouba Sugarless Marshmallows are pure and all-natural, without any additives, preservatives or waxes. These marshmallows have a soft, smooth texture that melts in your mouth. Try them melted in the microwave or in your hot coffee or cocoa.

Oh my goodness. Just looking at these is making me want a big ol’ cup of coconut milk hot chocolate. Marshmallows were a childhood favourite and they bring back memories of cold winter days spent inside with warm cocoa. These put a smile on my face instantly. Whoever invented these little sugarless treats is a genius.

Pandora’s Pops Strawberry Valentine

Handcrafted in California by holistic health artisans, Pandora’s Pops are entirely organic magic on a stick. Activated with love herbs and essential oils which deliver a truly potent strawberry succulent flavor. Awaken the passion inside with these adorable heart-shaped, unique lollipops.

These sound amazing! They only have 6 ingredients with strawberries and essential oils being two of them. Sleek Treat was actually kind enough to send me an extra one so I could sample it myself (the other one goes to my Dad). It has a really nice strawberry flavor.

Lily’s 70% Extra Dark Chocolate

With 25% fewer calories than other 70% cocoa dark chocolate, Lily’s is made from only the best ingredients. This decadent, rich chocolate melts in your mouth and you’ll never be able to tell it isn’t sweetened with sugar. You don’t have to stop at just one square – go ahead and indulge.

This amazing little bar is sweetened with Stevia and it is vegan!! When I indulge in a chocolate bar from time to time, this is exactly what I look for.

Purelove Caramel Coconut Cream Cups

Small-batch artisan chocolate from Olympia Washington using only organic ingredients. These Caramel Coconut Cream Cups have a 70% dark chocolate exterior and a contrasting coconut-flavoured filling. If they get a little melty, store at 72F, but we love them soft too.

Now this is what I am talking about!! It is going to be extremely hard to part with these little treats. I have to list the ingredients for you…..they are freakin’ amazing:

  • organic raw coconut, organic cacao, organic cacao butter, organic coconut oil, vanilla bean, organic caramel flavor (organic sunflower oil, natural flavor) pure stevia extract

This is the kind of treat I would LOVE to see in the box every month!! There’s nothing on the ingredient list I can’t pronounce or would feel bad about consuming. They are natural and full of good ol’ coconut – my favourite! I want an entire box of these little treasures. I think this is probably the best treat I have ever received in a subscription box.

Doctor’s Carbrite Diet Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Bar

The sinfully sweet Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Carbrite Diet bar is perfect for the season of love. Carb conscious dieters rejoice with this flavour-packed snack, perfect to take with you when you need to feel full but just don’t have the time to eat a full meal. Try this chewy, decadent protein bar – there are twelve flavours to choose from.

I LOVE that they included a Valentine’s inspired treat. Raspberry Chocolate Truffle sounds amazing. This bar is under 200 calories, it’s gluten-free and it has 20 grams of protein.

Golightly Sugar Free Hard Candy Tropical Fruit Mix

With flavours like Peach Mango, Strawberry Kiwi, Passion Fruit and Pina Colada – spruce up your winter nights or freshen up before a smooch with a Tropical bite. Re-awaken your senses with GoLightly hard candies’ powerful flavor that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Sleek Treat Review February 2017 – Final Thoughts

Eeek! What a fun box this month! Sleek Treat did an absolutely wonderful job. I can’t stop thinking about the Coconut Cream Cups. Is that weird? I really, really love that they included such a healthy treat. I really want to see more products like this in future boxes. I love the idea of sugar-free, healthy treats. I’m a huge fan of this box, I think it is much-needed. It’s really nice to see a subscription box that caters to a specific diet. I also really love the fact that they included a couple Valentine’s inspired treats this month and would love to see more themed boxes going forward. This would make a lovely gift. These kind of treats are hard to find, and expensive when you do find them. I’m already looking forward to the March box……..too bad Irish Cream wasn’t sugar-free….





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