Smartass & Sass Box Review November 2022

Smartass & Sass is a gift and subscription service for snarky individuals and cynical a**holes. They hand-select products from artists and small businesses and work with manufacturers to produce brand-new items that are sure to make you giggle. Subscribers also help them decide on items and have access to a secret sale shop. They kindly sent us this box for review.

When you sign up for Smartass & Sass, you’ll have three different options:

S&S SHIRT ONLY Subscription – $15.95/month

S&S BOX Subscription – $34.95/month

S&S BIG BOX Subscription – $49.95/month

Shipping: Boxes ship from Lincoln, Nebraska on the 18th of every month. US Shipping starts at $3.95 US and they ship internationally to Canada, Mexico, the UK, and Australia starting at $6.95 US.

Each Smartass & Sass includes a card with a QR code linking a digital brochure written by a Smartass & Sass staff member and the S&S Team. In the brochure they include detailed info on the box’s monthly theme, on the items themselves, tips, recipes and hilarious commentary.

Let’s get a closer look of this months contents:

Find Your Fire Beanie – $15.95 (Smartass & Sass)

As a Canadian, I own my fair share of beanies (or toques as we call them), but I have yet to own or wear a yellow one! I love the inspirational quote and will be sure to wear it all winter long!

Sassy Pants Puzzle – $39.95 (From Lasting Smiles)

Cold winter nights were made for cozy nights in. What’s better than a hot chocolate, a warm blanket and a good puzzle. I really appreciate this is product is made from sustainable materials and is female designed.

Holiday Gift Labels – $13.95 (S&S)

I absolutely loved these labels and used them on all my holiday gifts! I like that they included some that were more sassy and others that had a bit more snark; I could pick and choose which tag was best for each family member.

F*ck This Book Sleeve – $17.95 (S&S)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve traveled with a book in my carry-on and it has just not survived the trip! This sleeve is perfect for those that like to travel with books this season!

Do Not Disturb Mug – $18.95 (S&S)

I pulled this mug out of this month’s box and said “oooohh”, which then turned to “ohhhh”. The design, weight and feel of this mug is absolutely lovely, the words on the handle is fine I suppose, but the quote on the mug is overkill. Less sometimes is more.

Namaste Motherf*cker Tea Sample – $1.50 (From Snarky Tea)

Wonderful tasting tea with raspberry and orange notes. Perfect for a night in.

Smartass & Sass Review November 2022 – Final Thoughts

Smartass & Sass is always an exciting box to open up. But again, I do wish they would lean more into the sass. Sometimes less is more, I truly love the use of the B-word as much as the next person, but I don’t know if EVERY item in the entire box needs to have text and quotes – y’know? All in all, I’m super happy with this box, but would love to receive something a bit more minimally snarky in the future.

Kylie Smith –

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