Snakku Review February 2016 – Japanese Snack Subscription Box

Snakku is my favourite Japanese snack subscription box, but you already know that. And the snacks I receive in this box are the only Japanese snacks I will eat, but you already know that. So…since I figured it was time to tell you something you don’t already know, I decided to do things a little differently this month and actually try all the snacks during the review process………it was a lot of fun and I’m not sure why I haven’t done this sooner.

If you aren’t familiar with Snakku it is the ONLY Japanese snack subscription box that gets its snacks directly from local snack makers in Japan. They work directly with the Japanese snack makers, some of whom have been around for 100+ years! This box was provided complimentary for review.

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The Box: Snakku

Cost: $38.95

What You Get: You can expect about 10-13 tasty snacks in every box! Also every order automatically enters you into our monthly Deluxe Box giveaway which has over $100 of premium Japanese snacks.

Ships to: US

Shipping Cost: FREE

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This month’s Snakku box features snacks from the snowy city of Kanazawa…..but seeing as it is February they have also included some Valentine’s Day appropriate snacks, as well as some strawberry flavoured snacks. Apparently February is strawberry season in Japan.


Strawberry Heart Pocky – You all know Pocky is my favourite, so I didn’t really have to taste test this one, I’ve had it a million times, and always love it.


Senbei – Rice crackers in two different flavours – plum and soy seaweed. I’ve also had these before and I really enjoy them. You can never go wrong with rice crackers, I’ve never had one I didn’t like….except for the fish flavoured ones……those aren’t my favourite.


Umaibo – Now this is where it started to get fun….as you can see I actually opened the snacks this time, rather than trying them after the fact. These are really light and airy and are very similar to a cheese puff.


Pururun Strawberry Mochi – Apparently mochi is a very popular snack in Japan, but to be totally honest, it kind of freaks me out. I blame it on the texture….I’m not quite sure how to describe it….maybe kind of like cake meets gummy candies?


Chocolate Arare – These are chocolate covered mini rice crackers and they taste exactly how you think they would…..rice crackers and chocolate…..


Gold Okaki – These are crepe crackers that are dipped in ginger emulsion. I thought I was really going to like these because I love ginger, but the cracker/ginger combination wasn’t really doing it for me.


Chocolate Senbai – These are another chocolate covered rice cracker so they kind of speak for themselves….I loved them. And they are heart shaped…..I love them even more for that…


Green Tea KitKat – I love green tea (specifically matcha) and I love Kitkat bars, but I don’t like them together. The idea of tea flavoured chocolate bars sounds really fun but it’s just not for me….the matcha flavour was a little too much.


Chocolate Fruit Crunch – LOVE THESE!!! I’m tempted to say I like them even more than the chocolate covered rice crackers. They kind of taste like a fruit flavoured rice crispy square, but even better.

Thoughts: Well……I’m sorry it took me so long to do this whole taste test thing, it made the review process ten times more fun. I usually take the photo, film the video, put the snacks in a bag, and take them to J & A’s house every Monday night for the Bachelor. I then sit back and watch J & A try all of the snacks (they are fearless) and I only try the ones that look really safe….usually the rice crackers. But…..I have to say, now that I’ve taken the time to try each and every snack for myself, I have a new appreciation for Snakku….they pick some really great snacks and have opened my eyes to some new favourites. Now I really can’t wait for my next box to arrive.





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