Sock Box Review January 2016

My last Sock Box review was back in May of last year, so it was definitely time to do another one. I always like to check in with new subscription boxes a few months after they launch just to see what they have been up to. Sock Box originally started out as a men’s sock subscription but they have recently added a women’s box to the menu and I was really looking forward to seeing what it was all about…..I’m pretty darn picky when it comes women’s to socks…like really picky.

If you aren’t familiar with Sock Box it is a men’s & women’s subscription box for socks. It was built out of the frustration of trying to buy items online that ultimately were only available to ship to US addresses, sooo… Sock Box was born. They source awesome socks to help brighten up your sock drawer and make your day awesome – a Canadian box, yay!

Sock Box January 2016 2

The Box: Sock Box

Cost: $12 per month

What You Get: Each month they will deliver a random pair of colourful socks to your mailbox. Instead of just bills, now you can rip open your Sock Box awesomeness. No more department store lines required.

Ships to: Canada

Shipping Cost: FREE

Sock Box January 2016 6

Bambi Socks – Well…..I can officially say that I am in LOVE with these socks. There were three things I was really hoping to see when it came to the socks they picked out for me this month and these ones cover all of my must-haves, they are knee-high, brightly colored, and have a fun pattern. They are on the verge of being cheesy but don’t actually cross the ugly sock line, if that makes sense. Long story short….I love them!!

Sock Box January 2016 1

Thoughts: I wasn’t sure what to expect with my Sock Box delivery this month, I really tried not to have any expectations seeing as I have received some hideous socks in my 3 years of box reviewing, but luckily these ones have “awesome” written all over them. If these are the kinds of socks we can expect from the women’s Sock Box every month then sign me up! I’m going to go put on my Bambi knee-highs now…..





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