Sock Panda Review April 2017

With Sock Panda you will get new styles of socks delivered to your door every month. Choose from different types of fun socks for every personality type such as bold and conservative, and designed for Men, Women, Tweens, and Kids.  What you get: Adults subscription with Socks and a custom note for adults. Kids subscription comes with Socks, Stickers, Learning Activities.

Sock Panda has a variety of different subscriptions you can choose from to make sure you are getting socks that fit your age group and gender!  Sarah recently reviewed the kids pack here.  If you didn’t check out that review, you should, it just goes to show how versatile a sock subscription can be!

I’m not actually sure which subscription this is… But I would think it’s a tween male.

This gangster gorilla is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen all week!  I can’t believe socks are this detailed now!  I won’t get into the whole, “When I was a kid socks only came in one colour and we had to walk to school in them up hill both ways!”…. But seriously, a ‘fancy’ or ‘funny’ sock when I was a kid was a sock with a bow glued to it… it was the 80’s.

I am loving the panda logo at the top of the socks!  It’s all about the details and this detail is winning me over.

I’m really loving these!  Simple, yet awesome!  I feel like you could wear these with dress pants and have them peek out the cuff.  Black dress pants, with a butter yellow button up…. and slick black shoes.

Fun Fact: Sock Panda also donates a pair of socks of every new subscription purchase!  Like supporting a company that gives back?  Sock Panda does!!

Sock Panda Review April 2017 – Final Thoughts

I am such a huge fan of sock subscriptions!  I love practical things and having socks sent to me by mail on a monthly basis is like a dream come true!  The graphics on these socks are fantastic and I like how one pair was a little more extreme than the other.  The socks themselves are super soft and have a good stretch to them.  Made out of mainly cotton they are really a perfect every day wear type of sock.  I could see myself subscribing to multiple options to make sure the variety sent to me was always wide and exciting!  Oh and also… how cool is the envelope it gets shipped in?!  I almost want to keep it and pin it to the board in my office.





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