Southern Scholar Socks Review January 2019

Listed as “The best socks you’ll ever wear!”, Southern Scholar Socks ships out a new pair of socks, each month, that are sure to help gussy up your wardrobe.

Tailored with Southern Scholar Socks “Incredibly Soft Signature Material Blend”, they promise their socks provide a superior fit for your foot and leg which ensures they won’t slip down throughout the day.

January, in honor of blues jazz legend B.B. King, offering is a blue multi striped sock.

Inside the box you’ll also find a card each month which offers fashion pairing advice on how to style the socks.

This month’s Southern Scholar Socks are; “Best paired with a light gray textured suit or slack, black oxford’s, a pale blue dress shirt, and a black leather band watch and belt. Finish it off with a gray tie and a blue and white pattern pocket square to bring it all together.”

My personal thoughts on the socks?

As a size 13 the sock at first glance looked quite small, but was actually a perfect fit with its toe and heel cap landing perfectly in place.

The material of the sock is silky, soft and streamline, the perfect qualities I look for in a dress sock.

The design is purposeful to its theme however, a story would have added to the experience.

Southern Scholar Socks monthly delivery will run you $15 and offers a money back guarantee.

I look forward to seeing future designs and discovering the wash and longevity of the product.

Ryan Massel –




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