SprezzaBox Review April 2016

SprezzaBox is my favourite, plain and simple. This men’s subscription box puts some of my women’s subscription boxes to shame. They came out of the gates strong, and haven’t looked back. If you are new to the world of subscription boxes, this is what a good one looks like…….take notes.

If you aren’t familiar with SprezzaBox it is a Men’s Subscription Box for the fashion conscious man who dresses both professionally and casually. SprezzaBox curates the latest fashion accessories and provides them to you at an extremely low-cost every month. They strive to keep the product mix fresh in each box so that you will always look dapper. Best of all, they partner with some amazing new companies to help you discover new brands. It’s like a present to yourself every month! This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.

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The Box: SprezzaBox


  • $28 per month US subscription
  • $34 per month Canadian subscription

What You Get: 3-4 lifestyle products and 1 grooming item. A typical box will have an awesome tie, socks, a key accessory and some fancy grooming product. But don’t worry, we’ll surprise you with the occasional pocket square, bow tie, cuff links or other trending products.

Ships to: US & Canada

Shipping Cost: Included in Cost

Coupon Code: Use code “AYOB10″ to get 10% off – CLICK HERE

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This month’s box is called “The Chelsea” and the product card says to put these items to use for your outdoor activities with friends and look like stud in the process. What if I want to use the items……will that make me a stud?

SprezzaBox April 2016 8

Paul Evans Socks ($20.00) – Simple and understated, you can never go wrong with stripes…..stripes never go out of style.

SprezzaBox April 2016 7

Weekend Casual Necktie ($30.00) – This month’s tie has a bit of a preppy vibe to it; I’m a fan. It’s also very appropriate for summer. And……it’s also a special limited edition print, so there’s absolutely no way that any of J’s co-workers will be sporting the same one. Actually, J never has that problem at work, he always has the best ties, and his co-workers are always jealous.

SprezzaBox April 2016 6

Sprezza Pocket Square ($18.00) – Ooohhh, a double-sided pocket square, I’m digging this one. The patterns, the colors, the fact that it is a multi-tasker…..etc.

SprezzaBox April 2016 5

MRKT Coasters ($12.00) – SprezzaBox continues to impress me. I am LOVING the fun lifestyle items they have been including in their boxes. PLEASE keep it up! These coasters are made from recycled material, which makes them just that much more wonderful…..is that even proper english?

SprezzaBox April 2016 4

Wine Pourer & Stopper ($20.00) – Seriously! This is awesome! The wino in me is very happy right now. I LOVE my wine, but I come by it honestly. My Dad has a small vineyard, and I sometimes forget how amazing that is…….my Dad has a vineyard……and I get to drink wine for free……and now I have a lovely new wine pourer to prevent spillage, and stopper to keep it fresh……..

Handy Corkscrew ($12.00) – Yes! It just gets better and better. I sometimes feel bad when I get so excited about the items in my Men’s subscription boxes. I’m not a guy, and these items are supposed to be for the men in my life……..BF, brother, Dad, etc…..but no…..this girl keeps them for herself…..is that wrong?

SprezzaBox April 2016 10

Thoughts: SprezzaBox has stepped up their game this year. I’ve definitely noticed a change over the last few months, and it’s a good change. A lot of you have noticed the change as well, and I’ve received quite a few messages from my readers letting me know that they have signed up for a SprezzaBox subscription. It’s safe to say that they are dominating the Men’s subscription box world. Kicking a** and taking names…………just the way I like it!



SprezzaBox is a monthly subscription service curated by a team of expert stylists. Every box contains essential men’s accessories and is delivered straight to your doorstep.

Use code AYOB20 for 20% off first box! Learn More about SprezzaBox »

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