SprezzaBox Review February 2018

SprezzaBox is a Men’s Subscription Box for the fashion conscious man who dresses both professionally and casually. SprezzaBox curates the latest fashion accessories and provides them to you at an extremely low-cost every month. They strive to keep the product mix fresh in each box so that you will always look dapper. Best of all, they partner with some amazing new companies to help you discover new brands. It’s like a present to yourself every month! They kindly sent us this box for review.

For all of our male readers, this is the box you need in your life, and for all of our lady readers, this is the box you need to get for your boyfriend, husband, best friend, etc. SprezzaBox checks all the boxes when it comes to subscription must-haves – great price, great packaging, informative product card, consistency, quality and value. You really can’t go wrong with a SprezzaBox subscription.

Here’s a closer look at the February box……

February Theme: The Bowery

No matter what the weather is like right now, it’s always important to step out in style. This month, we went over budget to deliver you some killer products, including an item we’ve never featured before. Get excited!

Oh I’m excited all right. I already had a peek in the box and it’s a good one……..a really good one.

SPREZZA Necktie ($25)

This pattern has been a crown-pleaser for centuries and there’s good reason as to why, as it remains versatile throughout all seasons. It’s great for a relaxed look but can also be dressed up with a white shirt and gray suit.

This really is the perfect tie for a casual look. I would consider this first item to be a multitasker and we all know I love a good multitasking item. This is a classic pattern in classic colors. We are off to a good start.

Shades Club Sunglasses ($45)

Always look on the bright side of life, but make sure you don’t stare directly at the sun. These Shades Club sunnies, known as “The Yachtmaster”, are a retro-inspired style exclusive to SprezzaBox. For those of you who lose or break your glasses often, check our their site to sign up for their subscription.

Oh……now these are fun. Not only do I love to receive sunglasses in my subscription boxes but I also love to discover new subscription boxes and that’s exactly what we have here. I’ve never heard of Shades Club before. I had a quick peek at their website and it appears as though you get a new pair of shades every month (valued at $100) for only $45. I am definitely going to have to look in to this one further.

DIBI Beanie ($38)

This DIBI beanie will keep your dome warm during the colder weather, it’s also a trending item and a neutral color so wear it with confidence. DIBI is a luxury brand with a ton of great accessories that you won’t find anywhere else.

The fiancé is going to LOVE this!! He was in desperate need of a new beanie. He wears them on a regular basis and is constantly losing them or getting them dirty beyond repair. I love that this particular beanie is simple and of high quality. Definitely my favourite item in the box.

Stesso Socks ($12)

Might as well match from top to bottom. Put a little South Carolinian charm wherever you go in a pair of striped cotton-blend socks. They’re both sophisticated and sporty as you stay grounded in the madness of daily life.

These are great!!! I love the colors, love the stripes and love that they will go with denim or dress pants.

Oxford Square Lapel Pin ($15)

Oxford Square shot our way this bronze arrow pin that will definitely get the conversation started. These types of accessories are a great way to elevate your style without being over the top. Wear it on your lapel or pin it on a hat, the world is your oyster.

SprezzaBox also included a gift card to Lawrence Hunt. Personally I’m not a fan of gift cards but I know a lot of subscribers will appreciate this item.

SprezzaBox Review February 2018 – Final Thoughts

SprezzaBox has done it again, but that really shouldn’t surprise me. We have honestly never received a SprezzaBox we didn’t like. I love that they mixed things up a bit this month and included a beanie which is a very casual wardrobe piece. Overall SprezzaBox would be considered a “dressy” subscription as opposed to a “casual” subscription so I really like that they stepped out of the “box” this month. How great would it be if they offered two different box options – dressy & casual. I would be all over that like a dirty shirt. But for now I am more than happy with the items we receive. SprezzaBox keeps the fiancé’s suit accessory collection up-to-date and on trend.



SprezzaBox is a monthly subscription service curated by a team of expert stylists. Every box contains essential men’s accessories and is delivered straight to your doorstep.

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