SprezzaBox Review January 2016

SprezzaBox is one of the better men’s subscription boxes on the market, and for good reason. Their boxes are put together exceptionally well. I’m not sure if it is team effort, or if one person is responsible, but whoever it is needs to be commended for the amazing job they do. This continues to be the box I get asked about most often….more than any of the women’s boxes I review, so that right there should tell you something.

If you aren’t familiar with SprezzaBox it is a Men’s Subscription Box for the fashion conscious man who dresses both professionally and casually. SprezzaBox curates the latest fashion accessories and provides them to you at an extremely low-cost every month. They strive to keep the product mix fresh in each box so that you will always look dapper. Best of all, they partner with some amazing new companies to help you discover new brands. It’s like a present to yourself every month! This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.

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The Box: SprezzaBox


  • $28 per month US subscription
  • $34 per month Canadian subscription

What You Get: 3-4 lifestyle products and 1 grooming item. A typical box will have an awesome tie, socks, a key accessory and some fancy grooming product. But don’t worry, we’ll surprise you with the occasional pocket square, bow tie, cuff links or other trending products.

Ships to: US & Canada

Shipping Cost: Included in Cost

Coupon Code: Use code “AYOB10″ to get 10% off – CLICK HERE

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This month’s box is titled “The Hamilton Box” and it is all about a New Year and New Goals! The product card also mentions that they have some big changes coming this year, and I can’t for the life of me think what they might be because SprezzaBox is already pretty great.

SprezzaBox January 2016 1

Knottery Tie ($45) –  Even though this makes me think of a private school uniform I still really like it, but then again, I’m a fan of anything plaid…. literally. The product card says its self-tipping, which is a term I had to Google since I’m not up to speed on my tie lingo, here’s what it says:

“A self tipped tie is a finer way to finish a tie. The back of a tie is made of the same tie fabric. Self tipped tie is generally found on the better quality neckwear.”
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Articulate Wallet ($25) – This is the reason I LOVE SprezzaBox! Yes, we get some amazing ties and suit accessories, but every now and then they throw in something like this and give all the other men’s subscription boxes reason to worry.

SprezzaBox January 2016 8

Sprezza Socks ($12) – I love that Sprezza has their own line of socks, and I love that they pair well with this month’s tie.

SprezzaBox January 2016 12

Twillory Collar Stays ($15) – I didn’t know what a collar stay was until I started reviewing men’s subscription boxes, and I have to say what a great idea it is. These ones have a great pattern and the packaging ain’t so bad itself…perfect for traveling.

SprezzaBox January 2016 10

Dappered Man Lapel Flower ($17) – These are my favourite! J finally started wearing these to work and I think all the other sales guys are jealous…….he definitely attracts all the lady clients due to his amazing suit accessories. What girl doesn’t want to deal with a sales guy who knows how to accessorize!

SprezzaBox January 2016 2

Every Man Jack (travel size) – Quite often we receive foil size samples when it comes to our bonus items so I’m really happy to see a travel size version of this shower gel. It also happens to smell pretty flippin’ amazing.

SprezzaBox January 2016 5

Value: $114

Thoughts: Wow! We received another box with crazy value this month. How can you not be happy with that! I don’t usually swear (like ever) but SprezzaBox really has their shit together. They are one of the most consistent subscription boxes I receive, and when I refer to them as consistent I mean that they curate a great box month after month. I don’t seem to recall a box that I haven’t liked from Sprezza. The October box will always be my favourite, and I just don’t see them ever topping that box, but it’s only because it had a camo pocket square and deer head tie pin…..that’s unbeatable. However, this month’s box is pretty darn amazing and there’s absolutely nothing bad I can say about it. I am really tempted to say this is the best men’s subscription box on the market. It often gets compared to another one I receive on a regular basis, and I usually say I like them both equally, but I think they just pulled ahead of the competition.


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