SprezzaBox Review March 2018

If you’re not already familiar with SprezzaBox you’re in for a treat. SprezzaBox is one of the most popular subscription box services supplying fashion conscious gents with curated good every month. Each box consists of 4-6 items which have an overall value of over $100. All that for $25 a month! Each month is based off a theme, and they always do a great job in terms of including essentials for the season!

Here’s a close look at the March box…

March Theme – The Delta

This box will have you traveling in style. This month SprezzaBox partnered with Delta Airlines to give you key essentials that will not only make any trip worthwhile, but also keep you stylish at an amazing price!

The first things that captured my attention was the amazing design of the box. SprezzaBox always tries to make their boxes look great every month, but this month they definitely delivered with the Delta Airline inspired look!

SPREZZA Tie-clip ($25)

The first item, and probably my favourite is the airplane tie-clip. Not only will it keep your tie in place throughout the hustle and bustle of running around the airport but it gives any outfit that extra flair.

This product not only does a great job matching the theme of this month box, but it definitely delivers in terms of keeping any outfit stylish and pretty ‘fly’ (pun intended).

SPREZZA Necktie ($30)

One of the best things about SprezzaBox is their dedication to ensuring that their boxes include not only high quality products but styles that match the aesthetic of what they want to deliver. One of the ways they do this is by using their own products in each box. This is where this month’s tie comes in! The tie included in this box is from their own in-house brand “Sprezza”.

This month’s tie not only matches the aesthetic of Delta Airlines, but it gives that extra pop of colour that any outfit would benefit from!

Delta Passport holder ($30)

One thing im not a fan of is carrying around bulky items. That’s why I love this passport holder. It’s not only thin and sleek, but it keeps my passport crisp and ready for travel at any moments notice.

LSTN Earbuds ($39.99)

No matter how short or long a trip may be, I will always have a pair of headphones with me. These wood design headphones not only look great but they sound great as well!

SPREZZA Socks ($12)

Socks are another must have for any sort of travel! These socks are incredibly soft and comfortable, which are great for long plane rides or even long days at the office. Match them with your favourite jeans or Chinos and you’ll be getting compliments all day!

Brickwell Day Serum ($13.75)

One thing that a lot of guys seem to forget is skincare. Traveling can sometimes (or always) be stressful. This day serum not only keeps your skin feeling awake but it also reduces signs of aging around your face! Its full of natural and organic ingredients to keep you skin feeling fresh during those long travel days!

SprezzaBox Review March 2018 – Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m super impressed with this month’s SprezzaBox. From the amazing packaging to all the products in the box, I can certainly say this is my favourite box to date! I love how each item was not only curated to match the aesthetic of Delta Airlines, but aim to keep travel stylish and easy for any guy out there! This month’s box already has me excited for my next trip, which is why it deserves two big thumbs up!

Edward – www.instagram.com/dapperdonats


SprezzaBox is a monthly subscription service curated by a team of expert stylists. Every box contains essential men’s accessories and is delivered straight to your doorstep.

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