SprezzaBox Review November 2016

SprezzaBox Review November 2016

SprezzaBox has had some really great boxes the last few month’s. The October box had this really great formal vibe going on, and the one before that had a navy/maroon color combo and some really fun patterns. I find this box to be very consistent and the curation is on point.

SprezzaBox Details

If you aren’t familiar with SprezzaBox it is a Men’s Subscription Box for the fashion conscious man who dresses both professionally and casually. SprezzaBox curates the latest fashion accessories and provides them to you at an extremely low-cost every month. They strive to keep the product mix fresh in each box so that you will always look dapper. Best of all, they partner with some amazing new companies to help you discover new brands. It’s like a present to yourself every month! This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.

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The Box: SprezzaBox


  • $28 per month US subscription
  • $34 per month Canadian subscription

What You Get: 3-4 lifestyle products and 1 grooming item. A typical box will have an awesome tie, socks, a key accessory and some fancy grooming product. But don’t worry, we’ll surprise you with the occasional pocket square, bow tie, cuff links or other trending products.

Ships to: US & Canada

Shipping Cost: Included in Cost

Coupon Code: Use code “AYOB20″ to get 20% off – CLICK HERE

November Theme

The November SprezzaBox is titled “The Williamsburg”. The product card says:

“Home of the best staches in business (Brooklyn), this box has earned the name Williamsburg. In the spirit of raising awareness for Prostate Cancer, we went with a manly theme that is also spot on with the current trends. It may seem a little bit hipster (again, Brooklyn) but many of these products can be worn in a professional setting.”

Can I just say how awesome it is that they are embracing such a great cause this month and showing their support for Prostate Cancer? Come to think of it, they are the only box I have received this month sporting the moustache theme……I already love it.

OTAA of Australia Necktie

The Great Crocodile Dundee was not the only bad ass to come from down undah. OTAA has taken the men’s accessory game by storm with a versatile array of products. This knit tie is absolutely perfect for the Fall/Winter seasons. Dress it up with a navy wool suit or dress it down with your favourite oxford shirt.

William & Sterling Socks

A November Box is not complete without some moustaches. This year we decided to go with a nice comfy pair of patterned moustache socks made in Turkey by William & Sterling. If you’ve been a subscriber for a while, you can double it up with our wooden tie clip from last year’s box for 2x the manliness.


In an effort to further raise awareness for Prostate cancer, we produced this hand-painted baby blue tie clip. It’s the foundation’s color and will certainly stand out. So when someone comments on it, you can proudly let them know you are taking stand to help save men’s balls.

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Kegs & Code Co. Brew Passport

Oktoberfest may have just ended but there’s plenty more beers to drink this Fall. With this Brew Passport, you can jot down and document all the different stouts, double IPA’s and pumpkin beers you try. It’s also cute and tiny and fits right into your pocket.

Wooden Pocket Comb

Anybody else tired of buying those cheap plastic combs from the dollar store? Yeah, us too. So we wanted to give you guys a nice sturdy wooden comb to tame those gorgeous locks of yours. The wide teeth on this comb will give your hair that natural flow it’s always deserved.

Tinker, Dicker & Doc Candle

We will keep this short and sweet. If your apartment stinks, light this lavender candle and fix it:: mic drop::

SprezzaBox Review November 2016 – Final Thoughts

Knit ties, moustache socks, candles, and hair tools…..is this not a great box! As I mentioned above, I am loving the theme, and I also love that they didn’t duplicate anything from last year’s November box. The only thing I’m not really feeling is the brew passport, only because none of the men in my life would get use out of it. Other than that, everything is great, as per usual.

SprezzaBox goes over very well with my best friend’s hubby. He absolutely loves it and always gets compliments on his ties at work. The other men are jealous………as they should be.



SprezzaBox is a monthly subscription service curated by a team of expert stylists. Every box contains essential men’s accessories and is delivered straight to your doorstep.

Use code AYOB20 for 20% off first box! Learn More about SprezzaBox »

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