SquintBox Review January 2017

SquintBox is a subscription based service delivering a curated assortment of hand-crafted 1/12th scale miniatures to subscribers each month in popular categories like food, flowers, books and accessories. Subscriber’s use the miniatures for crafting, collecting, display or just because they love how tiny things make them feel! They kindly sent us this box for review.

The SquintBox experience was designed to encourage subscribers to explore miniatures and discover the talented craftspeople who create them.  Each month SquintBox spotlights a miniaturist and introduces subscribers to their work either as a mention in the monthly box pamphlet, select placement or social media-driven contests and events.

This box was so nicely packaged I felt the need to photograph each stage of the opening.  I really like it when a subscription company puts in the extra details, like tissue paper around the items!

The SquintBox Launch Box spotlights miniaturist Michael Yurkovic, of Atomic Miniature, a talented industrial designer and toy-maker who creates miniatures in 1/12th scale.  Yurkovic is best known for his interpretation of Mid-Century Modern furniture and accessories including his signature designer chairs and other Atomic Age objects.

Everyone loves miniatures – these tiny treasures have delighted and excited the senses for centuries.  Today, a whole new generation of enthusiasts, collectors and hobbyists are discovering miniatures and looking for ways to incorporate them into their lives.

SquintBox subscribers are encouraged to user their SquintBox miniatures of collecting, crafting or display; they can also be used in a dollhouse, room box, shadow box, memory box or simply placed on a shelf or desk to look at.  Some subscribers get them just because they love how miniatures make them feel!

Ok, this is seriously cute!  I love the ribbon and the tiny box itself.  The logo is super cute and I already feel like a child at Christmas!  Each item in this box was so small that I felt the need to compare them beside a standard item.  In the following pictures a match is beside each item received.  For the record, matches are not part of this subscription box 😉

Box Theme – Celebration
This months box is all about celebrating little things, so enjoy your tiny treasures.  

Each box will provide you with a miniature pamphlet letting you know what’s in your box.  Get out your tiny glasses for this one, cause it’s pretty small!

Food – Blueberry Pie
Considered on of the easiest pies to make (in real life)… A great after dinner dessert

I have to say, the detail on this thing is pretty incredible.  Though hard to see in this photo the paint job is really well done and the crafting of the pie itself looks very life-like!

Drinks & Glassware
Classic Cosmo in real glass with a lemon twist and Bottle of Red to get the party going

These are truly tiny things!  I can’t believe the martini glass is made with real glass!  That’s pretty impressive.  I’d be tempted to glue these items onto a tiny gift as part of the wrapping.  I’ve always liked fancying up the outside of the gift just as much as the inside!

A vintage rag (circa 1964) is a retro return to a scene right out of Mad Men

I was hoping the inside of the magazine would also be printed, but it is blank inside.  Included here as well are a couple of candles and an extension cord

SquintBox Review January 2017 – Final Thoughts

I can’t see myself jumping on the miniature train just yet, but I was very impressed with the quality of items provided.  If you are into dollhouses or crafting up shadow boxes this subscription box is just the thing to get your creativity rolling!  I would look forward to seeing what else they come up with for themes and how they support them.





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