Starsoul Review April 2022: World Changer

Starsoul is the first cause-driven monthly t-shirt subscription which donates 100% of proceeds from every shirt to charities worldwide. They are veteran-and woman/mama-owned; compassion for humanity is the common denominator. Starsoul began with a core mission: to help others with their mission.

*They kindly sent us this box for review.

I am super excited to share this brand new subscription box with you – Starsoul. During a time when we all need a little more positivity and a little less negativity…..I came across this subscription. It is giving me hope and adding a little happiness to my day.

Subscription Details

Every month Starsoul subscribers will receive a custom designed t-shirt inspired by that month’s cause, not only raising funds but raising awareness.


  1. every month is dedicated to a cause, which inspires a t-shirt design.
  2. subscribers receive a t-shirt every month.
  3. 100% of the proceeds from every shirt is donated to global charities supporting those causes in a wide range including human trafficking, poverty, veterans, the environment, homelessness, autism, cancer, mental health, world hunger and so much more.

Here’s a closer look at the first package you will receive when you subscribe…..the World Changer Package!

Wish Bracelet

For centuries, this bracelet has been a sign of faith, and tradition from Brazil. Legend has it, when the bracelet falls off, your wishes will (or have) come true. Wrap the bracelet around once or twice and tie 3 knots. At each knot, make a wish.


In our first package we received the following stickers….

  1. Kindness Can Change the World
  2. World Changer
  3. Be the Change

Keys of Kindness

Do a good deed for someone then pass on the key. 

Share your story at….

We also received this cute You Are The Change marketing card and a World Changer postcard.


Now for the star of the show…..the World Changer t-shirt. I am wearing it as we speak (see how I styled it below) and I am absolutely LOVING it! The quality is great, the message is perfect, and the simple design will allow me to style it a number of different ways. I am a HUGE fan!

Starsoul Review April 2022 – Final Thoughts

Starsoul is a brand new subscription on our website and this is my first time reviewing it. After only receiving one package, I am a HUGE fan. I love the idea behind this subscription, especially give the current situation in the world. I desperately needed a little hope, and that’s exactly what this box is giving me. Not to mention the fact that I genuinely love the tee! I already know I will wear it often, and I am already excited to see what messages/styles they offer going forward.

-AYOB Sarah


Starsoul is the first cause-driven monthly t-shirt subscription which donates 100% of proceeds from every shirt to charities worldwide.

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