Super Gains Pack Review March 2016

I have been reviewing Super Gains Pack since August of last year and have really been enjoying it, but today’s review is different from the last few. Super Gains Pack has switched things up and they now have boxes specifically for Women! I have been giving my Super Gains Pack to my best friend Brent, but he won’t be getting it anymore. This month’s box has items specifically for me, and I am SO excited.

If you aren’t familiar with Super Gains Pack it is the ultimate monthly fitness subscription box of everything you need to crush goals, dominate workouts and make all kinds of SUPER GAINS! This box was provided complimentary for review.

Super Gains Pack March 2016 1 Super Gains Pack March 2016 2

The Box: Super Gains Pack

Cost: $34.99 per month

What You Get: The contents of each box change monthly, but include 8-10 premium name brand hand selected supplement samples of various types and flavors, a specially chosen gym accessory or a trial size supplement item, a premium, high quality fitness apparel item, a full size protein/nutrition bar, a full size gel or nutritional snack, a clean eating meal prep plan for a week with grocery list, a delicious high protein snack recipe with grocery list, a featured food of the month fact for fat burning, and a new workout idea to try out for your home or the gym.

Ships to: US & Canada

Shipping Cost: FREE to US & $8.99 to Canada

Super Gains Pack March 2016 6

I am so happy to see that Super Gains Pack now offers Men’s & Women’s subscriptions. I’ve always loved this box but found that a lot of the items I received just weren’t suitable for me. My friend Brent is going to be sad because I won’t be gifting this box to him anymore. But on the other hand, I am extremely excited to be able to test out the products for myself from now on.

Super Gains Pack March 2016 13

SGP Logo Shaker Bottle – I think subscribers receive this bottle as a special bonus when you sign up for a, 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year subscription. If you drink protein shakes on a regular basis like I do, it’s always good to have at least a couple of these on hand.

Super Gains Pack March 2016 14

Chike Powdered Peanut Butter – This little tub of powdered peanut butter just changed my life. I make a protein shake almost every night before bed and always put peanut butter in it. However, I find it a bit of a pain to deal with, but this convenient powdered version is going to make things a lot easier.

Super Gains Pack March 2016 17

DedFit Apparel Tank – This is amazing! And I really hope to see more clothing items in future boxes. It actually fits me (which rarely happens), it’s racer-back, and the saying is awesome. I will definitely be wearing this to the gym.

Super Gains Pack March 2016 16

Hit Supplements Ignite Extreme Pre Workout Powder – I’m a little hesitant when it comes to pre-workout supplements, but I am also really intrigued by them. I use to try everything under the sun, when I was younger (oh gosh, now you think I am old) but am now a little more careful about what I consume.

Super Gains Pack March 2016 11

Get Up and Go Baked Energy Cookie – A caffeinated cookie! Are you serious! What if I want to have this with my morning coffee, would that be bad? Or would I be able to go on a 10k run after that and kill it?

Super Gains Pack March 2016 15

Bear Essentials Multivitamin – I am so happy to see vitamins, and a full-size bottle at that! When you work out as much as I do, vitamins and minerals are a very importune part of your life. And I am always on the lookout for women’s multivitamins, we need different supplements than the boys…..because we are special.

Super Gains Pack March 2016 10

Samples – The Whey Clean is a favourite, so I’m really glad to see it in the box, I wouldn’t mind if they included this every month.

Super Gains Pack March 2016 9

Samples – I love that they always include a few different samples of protein but I wish they would include something for us vegans once in a while. That would be my only complaint with this box, but really I shouldn’t be complaining, because it’s my choice to be vegan, not theirs…….I’m the high-maintenance one in this relationship.

Super Gains Pack March 2016 8

Samples – I love that they included Power Gel this month, I have always wanted to try this, and now I get to.

Thoughts: YES! This is what I have been waiting for. I have always liked Super Gains Pack but now I LOVE it! I am actually really excited to try some of the items I received this month, whereas I typically gift them all to Brent. I LOVE that we received a gym tank, a shaker bottle, a full-size bottle of multivitamins, and a full-size bottle of powdered peanut butter. I also have to say how much I appreciate the product booklet, they have stepped things up and now they actually list the different items we receive, as well as a workout of the month, a recipe of the month, and a smoothie of the month. It’s little things like this that add value to the box and make me excited to receive it. I will definitely be incorporating the recipes and workouts into my fitness schedule, and will try to post the results. This month’s box is my favourite one to date, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next month! Any chance you have pink workout tanks kicking around the SGP warehouse??





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