Super Gains Pack Review November 2016

Super Gains Pack Review November 2016

Super Gains Pack is the ultimate monthly fitness subscription box of everything you need to crush goals, dominate workouts and make all kinds of SUPER GAINS! This box was provided complimentary for review.

November Details

This month’s SGP Ambassador is Samuel Francois. Samuel has included his back workout, protein shake recipe, Tasty Chicken & Rice recipe, and a food fact of the month. I love reading through the monthly magazine/catelogue, it provides a lot of useful info for fitness fanatics like myself.

SGP T-Shirt

Samuel Francois’ motivational and highly inspirational apparel of WINNING – Colors are black on black with gold outlay and was designed and transformed onto a shirt for our subscribers to rock when they go hard in the gym.

Ummm, kind of loving this month’s tee! The black on black is pretty awesome, and the saying is even better – Winners Do What They Fear!

Protes ProTings Chips

The healthier alternative to potato chips. These chips are high in protein, low carb, low fat, vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO.

Super excited to see these in the box. We have received them before, but I would totally be ok if we received them every month. They are made with pea protein which is one of my favourite kinds of plant based proteins.


With over 95% organic ingredients, our Swoffle waffle cookies are the perfect snack for all of life’s adventures. We strive for the highest quality ingredients, and often source from family owned and operated farms. Gluten, nut, soy and GMO free.

These look amazing!! I really want to eat them right now, but I am kind of confused  as to how they fit in with a fitness related box. Nonetheless, I discovered a new product. They actually have a monthly subscription of their own. Swoffles in the mail every month!

CH-Alpha Better Joint Health

The active ingredients in CH-Alpha is the specifically designed Collagen Hydrolysate that’s backed by US patent. In clinical studies this safe and natural supplement has been proven to be beneficial in rebuilding cartilage by increasing its thickness/volume.


Having trouble transporting powder supplements and baby formula into bottles? Look no further! The Scoopie is a versatile and portable scoop and funnel container that moves your favourites powders from container to bottle, mess free, while also acting as a culinary measurer.

This is awesome!!! If you have ever tried to get protein powder into your water bottle when traveling you will appreciate this handy little gadget. I’m actually quite excited about it.


This month we received a mixture of samples including – pre-workout, Whey Clean, protein, fat burners, and caffeine.

Super Gains Pack Review November 2016 – Final Thoughts

I always love my Super Gains Pack boxes. They do a really great job putting them together. It’s wonderful for discovering new fitness supplements, and the monthly apparel item is a great motivator, well for us girls anyways. Having something new to wear to the gym is a great way to get me there. The only thing that would make this box better is the addition of a gym accessory on a regular basis. They include them from time-to-time, but I would love to see them every month.

PS – super excited about the ProTings! Keep em’ coming!





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