Supply Pod Review December 2016

Supply Pod is the most exciting science-fiction bimonthly subscription box. Every other month they mail a box of amazing items; technologies, wearables, content experiences & more. They kindly send me this box for review.

This will be my very first Supply Pod review. I didn’t have much time to research the company prior to receiving the box, but I kind of had an idea of what I thought it would be like. I had a quick look through the items already and one thing is for sure, it is MUCH better than I was expecting. I’m actually very excited about it……really and truly.


Subscription Details

Supply Pod is a bimonthly subscription, meaning it ships every other month. When you sign up for a subscription  you have to let them know your shirt size. Other than that it is very straightforward. There’s one option to choose from – recurring bimonthly.

Let’s have a look at what I received in my first box:

Rebel T-Shirt

This is where my expertise comes to an end. I can talk about the subscription qualities of this box, but not necessarily the items inside. I’m guessing the silhouette on the tee is Han Solo? I like the idea of receiving a shirt in every box. I did some research and it appears as though this is indeed a regular item. This month I received size large, but I think I’m going to have to change it to size small for the next box cause I kind of want to keep this shirt for myself. If this was my size I would definitely rock it at the gym.

Star Wars Micro Kite

Ok, this is actually VERY cool. Not once have I ever received a kite in a subscription box, and I’ve been doing this a long time. And as much as I hate the wind, I would definitely put up with the discomfort to go and fly this thing.

Star Wars: Rogue One Wall Decals

Another item I have never received in a subscription box. How cool are these decals! My nephew is going to freak out.

Boba Fett Launch Lab

An air-powered rocket! Are you kidding me! I don’t even like Starwars and I am super excited about this item. This is another item my nephew is going to freak over.

Supply Pod Review December 2016 – Final Thoughts

Ok, here’s the honest to goodness truth. I am SUPER impressed with my first Supply Pod box. It is 10 times better than I was expecting. I LOVE that the theme is current and on trend. I love that all of the items fit the theme, and I love that this box is fun for all ages. Before I received this box I kind of assumed it was for kids, but it’s actually pretty perfect for anyone. I’m basing this observation on the December box only and would have to see a few more to know if it is actually true. But so far it looks like fun for the whole family. And… I mentioned before, I don’t even like Starwars and I love this box. That says a lot right there. The only thing I noticed is that we received 4 items this month and I think they usually include at least one more. I’m not overly concerned about it though because I am pretty darn happy with the 4 items we did receive. My nephew will be receiving this for his birthday next week and he is going to love me for it!!





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