Surprise My Pet Review May 2016

Surprise My Pet Review May 2016 – Pet subscription boxes have become quite popular over the last year. Most of the time when I tell someone what I do for a living (review subscription boxes) the first subscription box category they ask me about is Pet Subscription Boxes. To be totally honest, I had no clue how popular this kind of subscription box was. But now that I think about it, it makes a little more sense. People have pets for a reason, they are pet lovers, and the love between an owner and their pet is sometimes compared to the love between family members. So if you love your pet THAT much, of course you would want to get them a present every month.

If you aren’t familiar with Surprise My Pet it is a pet loving family that sends monthly boxes that are an amazingly cute surprise for your pup(s). Each monthly box will include fun toys, tasty treats, and other exciting goodies! This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.

Surprise My Pet Review May 2016 1

The Box: Surprise My Pet

Cost: $30 per month ($28 on a 3-month plan & $24 on a 1-year plan)

What You Get: 5-7 handpicked products per box, and they are different each month to make for an awesome surprise! If you subscribe for an annual plan you will receive a bonus item in your first box. Boxes now available for dogs and cats.

Ships to: Worldwide

Shipping Cost: FREE to US, shipping fees apply to other countries

Coupon Code: use code “AYEAROFBOXES” to get 10% off your subscription – CLICK HERE

Surprise My Pet Review May 2016 2

Surprise My Pet use to be a subscription for dogs and only dogs, but I just discovered that they have added a subscription for cat lovers. You can now choose between the following subscription options:

  • Dog
  • Single – Cat Family
  • Multi – Cat Family

When you sign up for a dog subscription you also get to specify the size of your dog, and when you sign up for a cat subscription you get to choose between single family and multi family.

Surprise My Pet Review May 2016 8

Pet Qwerks Doggie DiskThe original interactive dog toy. This is perfect for playing in the sun of summer time. It flies, it’s fun. what more could any pup want?

Surprise My Pet Review May 2016 6

IncrediBubblesBlow long-lasting bubbles for pets to chase and pop. Bubbles dry in the air and land on the ground intact. They are non toxic and safe for children and pets.

Surprise My Pet Review May 2016 7

Jeffers Plush TurtleYou might see him from your beach chair but now you can give your pup one to play with too! Soft and lightweight this toy will keep your dog engaged.

Surprise My Pet Review May 2016 5

Fro-Yo To GoWhat is better on a sunny day than frozen yogurt? These are freeze dried and don’t need refrigeration. 11 calories for every 20 bites.

Surprise My Pet Review May 2016 4

Beach BBQ Bites100% natural chicken and beef, made in the USA, no additives, just the good stuff for barbecuing on the beach.

Thoughts: I have to admit, I kind of miss the bright yellow box they use to ship our products in. A couple months back they said they were in the process of finding a more cost effective box and were using the big brown one as a temporary solution. Not a big deal though, just something I am pointing out. What really matters are the items inside. I am loving the disk and the bubbles, and am actually going to test them out on my nieces and nephews this weekend (shhh…don’t tell). Anyways, Surprise My Pet is reasonably priced, and I am happy to see that they have added a box for cat owners. I would definitely be interested in seeing that one.





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