Sweet Organic Box Review & Coupon Code March 2016

It’s a happy day here at AYOB (A Year of Boxes). I get to review a brand new subscription box full of organic snacks. If you read my blog on a regular basis, you will know that I am slightly obsessed with snacks. I have four Tupperware bins in my pantry dedicated specifically to snacks, and I try to have some with me at all times…..I get grumpy when I’m hungry. Anyways, Sweet Organic Box seemed like it would be the perfect box for my snack addiction, so of course I was excited to review it.

If you aren’t familiar with Sweet Organic Box it is a monthly box of organic products. Get sweet organic snacks and more delivered to your door every 30 days. This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.

Sweet Organic Box March 2016 1 Sweet Organic Box March 2016 2

The Box: Sweet Organic Box

Cost: $45 per month

What You Get: Every SweetOrganicBox includes 8-12 organic items such as snack, coffee, tea, candy, cookies, and much more sweet surprises.

Ships to: Worldwide

Shipping Cost: FREE to US, $15 to Canada, and $20 to the rest of the world

Coupon Code: use code AYEAROFBOXES to get $20 off your first box – CLICK HERE

Sweet Organic Box March 2016 3 Sweet Organic Box March 2016 6

The March Sweet Organic Box appears to have a bit of an Easter theme going on. They say “Celebrate with us the beginning of spring, which always brings hope and new possibilities in life”.

I love snacks in general, but I love them even more when they are healthy snacks. All of the items in Sweet Organic Box are free of harmful additives, GMO’s, synthetic pesticides, hormones, artificial flavours, colors, or preservatives……I’m already in love.

Sweet Organic Box March 2016 7

Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies – Right off the bat I am impressed. I love that they included a full-size box of crackers. These might not be vegan friendly, but a girl needs crunchy cheddar snacks in her life every now and then, so I will save these for a “vegan cheat day”.

Sweet Organic Box March 2016 8

365 Everyday Value Coffee – Another full-size product! This is great. I love receiving coffee in my subscription boxes. Now I just need to figure out how to use regular coffee in my Keurig Brewer…..I’m sure it’s not hard to figure out….

Sweet Organic Box March 2016 9

NibMor Drinking Chocolate – It says that this can be served hot or added to a smoothie. I always have the best intentions to make hot chocolate, but it never happens. I really need to give this one a try with some coconut milk…..or maybe add some to my banana protein shake.

Sweet Organic Box March 2016 10

Surf Sweets Jelly Beans – I’ve had these before and am a huge fan. I don’t eat a lot of candy type snacks, but love to have them on hand for craving emergencies. I like that these are made with fruit juice.

Sweet Organic Box March 2016 11

Theo Chocolate – Be still my heart…..it’s always a good day when you receive a full-size chocolate bar in your subscription box. This is one of my favourite brands…BTW. I like to keep a couple of bars in the freezer for those long, crappy days that need to end with a big ol’ glass of wine….and some chocolate.

Sweet Organic Box March 2016 12

Annie’s Fruit Snacks – These are exactly the kind of snack I like to keep in my purse and gym bag. They are a good little pick-me-up, and perfectly portioned.

Sweet Organic Box March 2016 13

Pure Organic Brownie Bar & Nature’s Path Granola Bar – I happen to think that every snack subscription box should include at least one granola bar….. every month. These are the perfect little travel companion, and a “must-have” for every pantry.

Sweet Organic Box March 2016 14 Sweet Organic Box March 2016 15

Easter Treat – How cute is this! I love that they included a fun little Easter treat, and I might have already eaten the peanut butter one. I need to find out where to purchase these delightful little chocolate bites.

Thoughts: For my very first Sweet Organic Box I am impressed. I like that we received savoury snacks, sweet snacks, coffee, and chocolate. The Easter box was a really nice little touch, and it gives me hope that they will have more themed boxes in the future….themed boxes make me happy. The price point is comparable to other snack subscription boxes on the market, but with the crappy exchange rate it is a little expensive for us Canadians. I’m also happy to announce that each and every one of these snacks went straight to my snack bin(s) in the pantry….minus the chocolates that I ate after taking the product photos….sorry……..not sorry…….





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