Sweet Reads Box Review March 2021

Well March brought a fair amount of stress and disappointment and honestly I had a hard time focusing on much of anything, including reading. And this month’s Sweet Reads Box pick looks so good! I feel badly that I haven’t gotten into it even to give you a first impression. On the other hand, I had zero trouble finishing the chocolate jujubes and I can tell you they were divine. If you’re new to Sweet Reads Box, it’s a Canadian monthly book box that delivers a new novel and some bookish self-care in the form of coffee or tea, a delicious snack, and a few goodies related to the story or the theme of the box (think mugs, bookmarks, journals and other surprises). Boxes are available by subscription or single box with additional limited editions released year-round. Put the kettle on and join me for a look at this one. *

* They kindly sent us this one for review.

Each box includes a product card with a description of the contents on one side and a quote related to the novel on the other. This month’s product card features a quote from the late author and theologian, Lewis B. Smedes: “Waiting is the hardest work of hope.”

Between that quote and the picture on the card I feel like we’re in for a family drama. I know some subscribers have guessed the book from the card alone. Did anyone guess this one?

The pick for March: A Town Called Solace by Canadian author Mary Lawson. Here’s what Sweet Reads Box said about it:

“In a world where we could all use some Solace comes the remarkable story of Rose, Liam, Elizabeth and Moses and the ties that bind them together. Set in the 1970’s the novel begins with a runaway 16-year-old and a new man moving to town. From there, the novel explores how family, grief and love come in many forms. Mary Lawson is a gifted Canadian writer. Her novels have remarkable characters, relatable Canadian setting and tell stories we love. We know you will love this novel too.”

It’s not pictured here but Sweet Reads Box also included a letter from the author with insight on the principal characters and the setting of the novel. Sweet Reads Box frequently includes an extra item from the author or the publisher — be it a letter, a signed bookplate, or a pin — and it always feels special and makes me smile.

Chocolate Covered Jujubes (Walton Wood Farm)

“We could all use some Good Juju and thanks to our friends at Walton Wood Farm we have these amazing Jujubes. A delicious treat to enjoy while reading.”

Past Sweet Reads Boxes have included a number of wonderful Walton Wood Farm bath and skincare products but this is the first of their treats I’ve seen or tried and HELLO DELICIOUS! Fresh, fruity jujubes wrapped in a thick coating of milk choco (my fave).

Note, eh? — Every item in the box is from a Canadian company, curated especially to represent Canada and small-town living.

Coffee (Rapids End)

“We are thrilled to include this delicious coffee from a local roaster. Ethically sourced and using a compostable bag it is a perfectly smooth cup of coffee. Pour a cup and take a trip to Solace.”

I don’t drink coffee but I love the smell and I’m anxious to hear what my hubby thinks of this brew. The package says it has tasting notes of milk chocolate & peanut butter. Maybe what they say about wine is true of coffee too — “It’s not that you don’t like wine, you just haven’t found a wine you like.” (Or something along those lines anyway.)

Good JuJu Bath Bombs (Walton Wood Farms)

“Bring the positive energy you need to your ‘Me Time’ with these fantastic bath bombs.”

“Soak away your crappy day (or year).” HA! Perfect for a crappy month. (And enough for several baths too.)

Maple Soap Bar (SOAK Bath Co.)

“Solace reminded us of so many small Canadian towns where the scent of fresh air and maple syrup combine over breakfast tables and restaurants. This handmade soap bar (with a biodegradable, plantable seed paper label) is a divine way to get your morning started.”

Anyone else have a thing for artisanal soap? I love the shapes, the smells, the colours and this one ahhhhhh maple! I just want to eat it it smells so good. I’m also curious to see what the label will grow.

Waffle Dishtowel (Danica)

“A soft dishtowel to bring Canadian pride to your kitchen. We loved the vintage feel and styling of this towel and imagined it would fit perfectly in the kitchens of Solace.”

I love a waffle weave anything and this tea towel is so soft. Great embroidery too. I feel like it would make a great gift paired with some homemade buttertarts. (But I’m keeping it. I like it too much.)

Hamburger Spices and Poutine Mix (Gourmet du Village)

“Hamburgers and Poutine became a mainstay in Liam’s diet and a way to measure the days and passage of time. We included these mixes as a fun tribute to the local restaurant and some yummy meals when BBQ season comes to your part of Canada.”

We’ve made poutine at home a few times with a chicken gravy but I didn’t know you could find poutine-specific sauce. Amazing! And despite last night’s snow the weather is looking up so we should be pulling out the BBQ soon to try the burger seasoning.

And that’s the March Sweet Reads Box! Packed with clever Canadiana and what sounds like an amazing novel. (Bonus points for set in Canada!) I love how this box features all-Canadian companies including some familiar faves (Walton Wood Farm and Gourmet du Village) and ones new to me. What are your favourite things in the March box? Hard to pick, eh?

  • Single monthly Sweet Reads Box: $80
  • Three-month subscription: $230.97
  • Six-month subscription: $443.94
  • 12-month subscription: $863.88

Sweet Reads Box ships Canada-wide and shipping is included.

And you can save 10% on three- and six-month subscriptions when you sign up for the Sweet Reads Box mailing list. The co. also shares bookish news, discounts and info on upcoming boxes on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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