Sweet Reads Box Review May 2022

Hi, hello! I hope you’ve been well! We’ve reached peak summer here in Ottawa in terms of heat (so hot! 🥵) and construction but I’m in no hurry to see it go. Okay maybe the heat, but the construction can stay if it means they’re making progress on the LRT. I still have so many great summer books to read, including May’s Sweet Reads Box pick, which the co. was kind enough to hold onto for me ’til we settled a bit after our move. It’s “Every Summer After” by Carley Fortune, and from everything I’ve seen and heard it’s the book of the summer. Sweet Reads curated a fantastic box around the story and I’ve got it here for you today. A limited quantity are still available to order, so if you like what you see snap it up! (You can buy alone or with the “Lessons in Chemistry” box and save some $ at the same time.) *

*They kindly sent this box in exchange for a review.

Sweet Reads Box is a monthly book subscription box that sends you a new novel, a treat to drink and eat alongside and a few bookish items cleverly tied to the story. Sweet Reads Box is based here in Ontario and sources most of its products from Canadian companies. You can subscribe for three, six, or 12 months or buy boxes individually. Sweet Reads also releases a number of limited edition boxes throughout the year, all of which are available to order by the box and ship across Canada and the US.

“Coming back is the thing that enables you to see how all the dots in your life are connected.”

— Ann Patchett

Each monthly Sweet Reads Box includes a guide to the contents. There’s a quote related to the story on one side and product descriptions on the other, which I’ve included in italics below. The Canadian flag 🇨🇦 means it’s a Canadian product.

Every Summer After by Carley Fortune · “The story of Percy and Sam captured our hearts from the first page. From the beautiful imagery of cottage country in Ontario to the joy of friendship, family, and first love. With a story set around swimming, books, horror movies, popcorn, taverns, and pierogis, it was so fun to put this box together. We know you’ll love all of the characters in the story and their journey together and apart.” 🇨🇦

Sweet Reads Box included a bookmark and a letter from the author. They also did a wonderful live chat with Carley at the end of May. Did you catch it?

Salted Caramel Chocolate Popcorn · Come Back Snacks · “With Percy coming back year after year drawn to Barry’s Bay and Sam, we knew this delicious popcorn was the perfect sweet. Perfect for scary movies and dreaming of warm summer nights.” 🇨🇦

Popcorn Bags · “What is movie night without popcorn? Use these bags for your next movie night with friends. Add your Come Back Snacks for easy sharing or pop your own.” 🇨🇦

Sweet Reads Box introduced me to Come Back Snacks with last June’s box and I’ve been hoping to see it return. (I think Sweet Reads included it in a limited edition since but I missed that one.) Their popcorn is among the best I’ve ever tried 😋😋 and I love the company’s mission. The co. was dreamed up in prison by a first-time offender who wanted to help ex-cons re-enter society with employment that would help them gain confidence, prevent further crimes and keep communities safe. And the popcorn bags are so much fun.

S’mores Hot Chocolate · Gourmet du Village · “A camping favourite. Make a cup for you and a friend. Best enjoyed sitting outside in a Muskoka chair.” 🇨🇦

The comedian Jim Gaffigan has some great bits about camping but this line is one of my faves: “My wife says ‘Camping’s a tradition in my family.’ It was a tradition in everyone’s family ’til we invented the house.” 😂😂 There’s almost nothing about camping that appeals to me except making s’mores so s’mores-flavoured hot chocolate sounds delicious! I might even drink it outside on the deck.

Sue’s Pierogi Recipe · “Make your own batch of Sue’s famous pierogies. Don’t forget the seasoning!” 🇨🇦

The Tavern Pierogi Seasoning · “Our custom Pierogi Seasoning is the perfect addition to Sue’s pierogi recipe. Pierogies not your thing? A delicious addition to your next batch of mashed potatoes!” 🇨🇦

Trying new recipes is one of my favourite ways to unwind so I’m excited to give these pierogies a go. I love that Sweet Reads included the seasoning too. I’ll report back on Instagram and let you know how they turn out! (There’s a pierogi place in our new neighbourhood that’s supposed to be really good. Maybe I should keep the number handy just in case. 😂)

Custom Car Coasters · “Use these amazing car coasters to soak up any condensation or spills in your car cup holders. Whether you are driving to Barry’s Bay, a cottage, or work, every trip will remind you of Percy and Sam’s story.”

I don’t know how we don’t have anything like this already — such a smart idea! Now if we could just keep the rest of the car clean. 😬

Friendship Bracelet · MudLove · “Percy wears a friendship bracelet when she first meets Sam and Charlie. Later she makes one for Sam. Wear this bracelet as a reminder of summertime or gift to a friend. Check out the story behind the company, Mud Love, and how this bracelet gives back.”

There’s more to this simple bracelet than meets the eye — behind it is a group of people working to break the poverty cycle and provide clean water to those in need through their partnership with Water for Good. “Water transforms mud into clay,” says MudLove. “In much the same way, access to clean water transforms a community.” Each bracelet purchased provides one week of clean water to communities in the Central African Republic. I love supporting companies that do good work and knowing that my favourite book box does too just makes my heart happy. 🥰

Skull and Roses Sniffs · PPD · “Watching horror movies in Sam’s basement and writing horror stories are a big part of who Percy is. Tuck these Sniffs away for a moment when emotion overcomes you.”

I have to work myself up to open a pack of fancy tissues — something about it always feels so indulgent. (Is it the same for you?) That said, skulls aren’t my favourite so I might use these up faster than I would otherwise. But I can see why Sweet Reads chose the design — perfectly scary tie-in to the horror movies in the book!

And that’s May’s “Every Summer After” Sweet Reads Box! What do you think? Have you read the book?

All monthly Sweet Reads Boxes include shipping. The following prices are in Canadian dollars. US customers can order here.

  • Single box: $89.99
  • Three-month subscription: $86/month
  • Six-month subscription: $84/month
  • 12-month subscription: $82/month
  • Have you tried Sweet Reads?

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