Sweet Reads Thriller Lite Box Review: May 2023

Tell a wine lover you don’t like wine and they’ll tell you it’s not that you don’t like it, you just haven’t found the one you like. And maybe it’s the same with book boxes. If it’s a great thriller you’re after and a scary-good drink and snack to wash it down — that’s it, that’s all — Sweet Reads Box Thriller Lite Box might be your match. The new limited edition monthly is available by the box or by subscription. Here’s a look at my first one. Love to hear what you think!*

*They kindly sent us this box for review.

The book is a closely-guarded secret til you open the box but the photo on the product card gives you a hint. Can you guess the title from this pic of steps leading down to the lake? (If you did, I’m super impressed! I didn’t have the faintest idea. And I try to keep up to speed on the newest releases.)

Did you guess? It’s Every Thing She Feared by Rick Mofina.

“Sounding like a news article about a tragic accident, a teen falls off a cliff while taking a selfie. The child she is babysitting is the only witness. Is it an accident or something more sinister? A parents’ fear, a rookie detective and a killer who was released from prison — all elements of a thrilling read.”

I started this one Sunday night before getting sidetracked watching The Diplomat (so so good!) but I’m really excited to pick up where I left off. I’ve never read any of Rick Mofina’s books but if this one keeps going the way it has been I may have found another auto-buy author. 😬

And for the snack, vegan Raspberry mallow puffs, dunked in dark choco.

“The most delicious raspberry marshmallows covered in chocolate. One of our favourite vegan treats!”

As much as I love marshmallows, I find a lot of the artisanal ones have a grainy, off-putting texture. Not so with these! Totally smooth and well-balanced with the dark-but-not-too-dark choco. And it’s a big bag! Maybe three servings? Definitely enough to get you through a good chunk of the book.

For a drink (typically coffee, tea or hot choco) we’re got a Green tea with ginseng and honey drink mix. There’s ten single-serve pouches with 5 calories/serving.

“A fun take-along drink mix for iced tea on the go. We love this for day trips, lunch boxes and more.”

Sugar-free drinks are my go-to so I appreciate the low-cal option but I’m not a green tea fan so I didn’t expect to like it. It’s actually pretty refreshing, especially for warm-weather drinking. And I love that you get 10 servings!

They say good things come in threes, and that’s definitely true of this one. Sweet Reads Box Thriller Lite Box keeps it simple with what it does really, really well: curating thrilling must-reads and a tasty drink and snack to enjoy alongside *and* making you excited to get your next one. I can’t wait to see June’s box! What about you?

  • Thriller Lite Single Box: $65 + shipping (all prices in CAD; box also ships to the US)
  • Thriller Lite 3-Month Subscription: $192 (includes free shipping in Canada)
  • Thriller Lite 6-Month Subscription: $378 (with free shipping in Canada)
  • Thriller Lite 12-Month Subscription: $744 (includes free shipping Canada-wide)

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