T.Surprise Review April 2017

T.Surprise would like to accompany you in your pilgrimage through the thousand hidden facets of tea, by providing you with a monthly box full of exciting new varieties. On a monthly basis, T-Surprise will send you 4 to 5 varieties of teas and infusions sold around the world and throughout Canada, so that you can experience peaceful moments thanks to the serenity tea provides. You will receive their selection of the best teas and infusions related to their unique and thoughtful themes. They kindly sent us this box for review. 

T.Surprise is a Canadian box dedicated to helping you discover new teas from around the world every month!  They have provided a lovely index card to help us understand what we have received, but it’s all in French!  Oh no!  … I don’t speak French.  So we are going to have to do our best to let you in on what was received in this month’s box without the help of the index card.

I’m not a big fan of fruity teas, but will for sure ice and sweeten this come the hotter months!  I like that so many tea bags have been provided, as you always want more of your favourite and it can be sad to run out of an item you aren’t sure where to stock up from.

A selection of tea cookies has been provided for us!  I love this.  I appreciate those extra steps boxes take to make sure you are getting a well-rounded experience when opening up and enjoying your subscription box.

Love cinnamon apple tea!  It’s one of my go to teas come the fall.  It just tastes like pie and who wouldn’t love that?!

This one has intrigued me the most!  I can’t wait to brew this one.  I appreciate the steeping instructions, as I never really know the details on how a tea should be properly brewed and when someone has gone to so much work to make sure you’re getting the best of something, you want to enjoy it properly.

A number of rooibos tea bags have been provided as well!  They were nicely packaged to avoid spillage in the box.  Love a good rooibos.

Note: Tea cup is for photography purposes only.

Tetley seems to be the classic go to teas for a lot of households. We have been provided with a sampling of their earl grey.

T.Surprise April 2017 – Final Thoughts

I wish the index card was provided in English as well.  I feel I would have gotten more out of this box if I could read up on what the product was and why it was chosen for the box.  I do have to say for a tea box I’m not 100% impressed.  There is a lot of competition out there for tea boxes and I think loose leaf is preferred over packaged tea bags.  The number of teas provided was really nice and I liked the addition of the treats to enjoy alongside the tea!  I also thought their box was super cute and their website is really visually pleasing and easy to navigate.  I would be interested in reviewing a few more months of T.Surprise to get a feel of what they offer on a consistent basis.





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