Taste & Curiosity Review January 2017

Taste & Curiosity delivers unique snacks from all over the world to your doorstep. Try delicious new flavours at affordable prices.  Currently you can get boxes from Korea, Japan or China.  Each box is bursting with a bundle of candies and treats that you may never have a chance to try otherwise! They kindly sent us this box for review.

I am a travel bug for sure!  I have been to twelve countries and don’t plan on stopping the jet setting any time soon.  I have only been to Japan once, and it was by mistake, as I missed a flight and had to spend the night on a layover.  It wasn’t really enough time to submerge myself in the culture, so I’m excited to try some of these treats and get a feel for Japanese culture.  This box is from The Sakura Set.

At first glance I was super impressed by the number of items provided and the diversity of items!  Thankfully, there is a small guide provided in the box so you know what each item is.  I don’t plan on picking up a second language any time soon, so let’s dive in and see what we got!

 Special Hi-Chew

These special Japanese versions have fruity bits infused into the chewy candies.  Flavours are seasonal.

Yum!  These sound a lot like the candies I would pack with me as a kid camping!  It’s also good to know they are gluten free.  I might have to save these for my next road trip.

Super Cola Candy
Delicious cola flavoured candy with a sour and hard outside coating, but a soft and sweet core

Another child-hood favourite.  Already this box is stacking up to be a road trip win!

 Meito Fish Wafer

Fluffy filling between two light wafers.  Melts in your mouth when eating!  Flavours are seasonal

Hummm… Fish wafers were not a childhood favourite or road-trip must, but I am a sucker for something new and I’ve always said I’ll try anything at least once.  That moto is what got me in trouble in Thailand where I ended up eating octopus soup.  Never again.

 Panda Cookies

A delicious blend of both white and milk chocolate on a cookie.  No pandas were hurt making these

Back on track with the cookies!  Good to know no pandas were harmed… wait, they didn’t say anything about fish being safe from the fish wafers… I’m sure it’s fine.

 Chocolate Cream Cookie

Set of three mini biscuits with a milk chocolate filling.  Perfect with coffee or tea

Yup, these didn’t last.  I tried them right away and they were amazing!  I had a cup of tea on the go too and it pared very well.

Lychee Gummy

Fruit flavoured gummies that pack a ton of flavour.  Try not to finish the entire bag in one day

I love lemon flavoured candies, which is usually a win for me, as most people avoid them.  I make no promises, but I will try to consume them over multiple days.

 Umaibo Vegetable Flavour

Savoury vegetable flavoured corn puff that is a household name in Japan

Another one to test the tastebuds!  It doesn’t specify which vegetable it is flavoured like, so it looks like we are in for two surprises!

 Flavour Burst Peach Gum

Three peach flavoured gum balls, but they don’t taste the same!  Be careful of the sour one!

Awesome!  This sounds like the warhead challenge we use to do as kids.  I think for this one I am going to find two friends and each take one… it will be like the roulette of gum balls!

 Taste & Curiosity January 2017 – Final Thoughts

I really liked this box!  I like the number of items it provided and the variety of items.  Looking at their website it seems that only Asian treats are currently available.  Having traveled to Europe more I would love to see some boxes coming from across the Atlantic or even from South America!





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